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Pop Trivia QuestionAnswer
What appropriate song was the first-ever played on M.T.V.?Video Killed the Radio Star
Who teamed up with Kesha on the 2013 hit "Crazy Kids"?Will.I.Am
What is the name of Eminem’s sinister alter-ego?Slim Shady
What was the title of the 2006 debut album from the American pop group the Jonas Brothers?It's About Time
What was "Bulletproof" in 2010?La Roux
In what year was Adele born?1988
How many number 1 UK albums has Britney Spears released?0
What was the first song to reach number 1 in the Canadian singles chart for Justin Bieber?Boyfriend
Who had a 2012 hit with "Diamonds"?Rihanna
Who had a chart hit in 2012 with "Where Have You Been?"Rihanna
Who featured on the 2010 Ludacris hit "My Chick Bad"?Nicki Minaj
U2's 2004 "Vertigo" was used in commercials for what product?The Ipod
Who teamed up with Jay Z in 2010 to release "Forever Young"?Mr Hudson
Celine Dion never performed a duet with whom?Babyface
Who had a 2012 hit with "Payphone"?Maroon 5
Who had a 2013 hit with "Mirrors"?Justin Timberlake
Which country do the boyband The Wanted come from?UK
Who had a 2012 hit with "Feel So Close"?Calvin Harris
Which British band has members called Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik?One Direction
Mylo Xyloto was a 2012 hit album for which band?Coldplay
The Baha Meh asked "Who Let The ___ Out"?Dogs
Who performs the 2008 tune "All Summer Long"?Kid Rock
What was the first single to be released from Britney Spears' latest album "Femme Fatale"?Hold It Against Me
Can you name the song by Pink with these lyrics:"Right, right, turn off the lights, we’re gonna lose our minds tonight"?Raise Your Glass
The 2004 U.S. charts included "This Love" by what artist?Maroon 5
Who featured on Jeremiah's 2011 hit "Down on Me"?50 cent
Which country does Carly Rae Jepsen came from?Canada
What is the title of the 2006 album released by Christina Aguilera?Back to Basics
Who had a 2011 hit with "Raise Your Glass"?Pink
Which is the main city mentioned in the chorus of the hit "Empire State of Mind"?New York
Who sings the 2007 song "Take a Bow"?Rihanna

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