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Premier League Trivia QuestionAnswer
In the 2012-13 season , which side recorded the highest margin of victory with a 8-0 win over Aston Villa?Chelsea
In which year did Manchester United win the Treble?1999
Theo Walcott scored a hat-trick in December 2012 against which EPL Club?Newcastle United
Who was the first non-British manager to win the English Premier League?Aresene Wenger
The son of which of these managers has played in the Premier League?Harry Redknapp
Which of these animals is most closely associated with Hull City FC?Tiger
Who managed Chelsea, Portsmouth and West Ham United between 2007 and 2011?Avram Grant
Ashley Young was signed by Manchester United in 2011 from which side?Aston Villa
Dennis Bergkamp only played for one Premier Club- which one?Arsenal
Who took over as captain of Aston Villa in the 2011-12 season, replacing Stiliyan Petrov?Gabriel Agbonlahor
Who holds the record (as of 2013) for most career Premier League goals (260)?Alan Shearer
Which side had an unusual half-time team talk in the open instead of the dressing room in a match vs. Manchester City in Jan 2009?Hull City
In which was goal-line technology introduced to the Premier League by the FA?2013
This Italian was West Ham United's manager from 2008-2010?Gianfranco Zola
The home strip of Norwich City is...?Yellow
"Marching on Together" is the traditional club anthem of which PL team?Leeds United
Which of these teams was NOT promoted to the 2009-10 Premier League?Middlesbrough
The main component of the Premiership trophy is made out of...Sterling Silver
Which club was the first to be relegated twice from the English Premier League?Crystal Palace
How many Premier League goals did Ian Wright score?113
The club is known as the "Owls"SheffieldWednesday
Who resigned as West Ham United manger in September 2008?Alan Curbishley
Which football club did Sol Campbell transfer to in 2001?Arsenal
Which French star joined Real Madrid from Arsenal in 1999?Nicolas Anelka
Which of these current or former Everton players DID NOT play for Manchester United beforehand?Tim Cahill
Sir John Hall and Freddy Shepherd were successive chairmen of which Premier League club?Newcastle United
For which club did Phil Neville sign in August 2005?Everton
As of 2012-13, what is the name of the Premier League's chief executives?Richard Scudamore
This club plays at "Madejski Stadium"Reading
Tottenham Hotspur beat Watford 3-1 in March 2007. Who scored Spurs' unusual second goal in that match?Their goalkeeper
What position did Tottenham Hotspur finish in the 2012-13 League table?5
Which of these players once won the Premier League's Golden Boot awarded for most goals in a season?Chris Sutton
Which of these sides was promoted to the 2013-14 Premiership?Hull City
Who was the first man to be PFA Player of the Year for two consecutive seasons?Thierry Henry
Who took over as Chelsea manager towards the end of the 2011-12 season?Roberto Di Matteo

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