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Pretty Little Liars Trivia QuestionAnswer
In the season 2 episode "Father Knows Best" the cops tell Emily that who is missing?Maya
What is the name of Hanna's mother?Ashley
Whose office does "A" break into stealing a gun from the drawer in the season 2 episode "A Kiss Before Lying"?Peter
Who gives Emily a scarf in the season 1 episode "Can You See Me Now"?Maya
Complete the following season 4 episode title: Under the ….?Gun
Who holds a party in the season 3 episode "The Kahn Game"?Noel
The shows main premise revolves the mystery of which character's murder?Alison
Which student had an affair with Byron?Meredith
Who collapses during the season 2 episode "Save The Date"?Emily
Who goes to visit Mona which results in a screaming fit in the season 3 episode "Kingdom of the Blind"?Caleb
Who does "A" lock in the cabin in the season 3 episode "What Lies Beneath?Emily & Hanna
Hanna is involved in a hit and run in the season 1 episode "Keep Your Friends Close", who is she knocked down by?A
Who is admitted to a mental institution during season 3?Mona
Whose body is discovered in the street by the church in the first season 4 episode?Wilden
What is found written across Alison's missing poster in the season 1 episode "Can You Hear Me Now"?Ding dong, the bitch is dead
What does Spencer buy with the money she gets when she pawns Melissa's ring?A truck for Toby
How many episodes make up season 3?24
Who receives a text saying "The Apple Rose Grille at closing time." in the season 3 episode "The Kahn Game"?Hanna
Who is Melissa's half-brother?Jason
Who throws the hockey stick (discovered in the season 2 episode "Surface Tension") into the fire?Peter
What is the name of the police officer which the girls remember from their childhood who is assigned to Alison's case?Garrett Reynolds
Who drives an unconscious Emily to hospital in the season 1 episode "The Homecoming Hangover"?Toby
In which season 3 episode does Mona return to Rosewood High after her release from Radley Institude?She's Better Now


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