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Pro Wrestling Trivia QuestionAnswer
In the 2013 Three Stages of Hell Match at Payback between Cena and Ryback, what was stage three?Ambulance match
Luis Alvirde competes in the WWE under what name?Sin Cara
How old was Macho Man Randy Savage when he passed away in 2011?58
Who did Triple H defeat in a Street Fight at the 2000 Royal Rumble?Cactus Jack
Who might admit you to his "Hall of Pain"?Mark Henry
What is the first name of the member of the Shield with the surname Rollins?Seth
In what year was Ryback born?1981
Who won the 2008 King of the Ring tournament?William Regal
What colour are the ring ropes on Smackdown?Blue
Who holds the record for most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble match?Kane
The Shield made their debut when they interrupted the main event of which WWE PPV?Survivor Series
Which one of these Wrestlemanias did The Undertaker NOT appear in?10
With whom did CM Punk hold the World Tag Team Championships?Kofi Kingston
Which fellow superstar inducted Edge into the WWE Hall of Fame?Christian
Shawn Michaels was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in which year?2011
Who was the manager of CM Punk during the final months of his record breaking WWE Title reign?Paul Heyman
In what state was John Cena born?Massachusetts
Who was Bret Harts opponent at the 1997 Montreal "screwjob"?HBK
In which year did Alberto Del Rio win the Royal Rumble?2011
At which event is the Undertaker famously undefeated?Wrestlemania
Who did the Undertaker defeat at Wrestlemania 29 to extend his "streak" to 21-0?CM Punk
"Metalingus" by Alter Bridge is the theme tune for which WWE Superstar?Edge
"Boom" is the theme tune of which WWE Superstar?Evan Bourne
How many times did Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel hold the Tag Team Titles?3
"Radio" is the theme music of which WWE Superstar?Zack Ryder
At which event did Shawn Michales take on Hulk Hogan in the main event?Summerslam 2005
In 1933, Salvador Lutteroth brought lucha libre, a form of wrestling famous for its masks to what country?Mexico
Which superstar might put you in a submission known as "The Walls"?Chris Jerich

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