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Queen Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which rapper featured on Queen's 1998 version of "Another One Bites the Dust"?Wyclef Jean
What was Queen's third album, released in 1974?Sheer Heart Attack
"Hijack My Heart" was the B-side of which Queen single, a UK top 20 hit in 1989?The Invisible Man
Which Queen no.1 single came from their album "A Night at the Opera"?Bohemian Rhapsody
"Spread Your Wings" was the B-side of which Queen hit?Crazy Little Thing Called Love
What was Queen's first UK chart hit, reaching no.10 in the charts in 1974?Seven Seas of Rhye
Which Queen US no.1 hit begins with the words, "Steve walks warily down the street, with the brim pulled way down low..."?Another One Bites the Dust
What was the name of the band Freddie Mercury formed with school friends in 1958?The Hectics
What instrument does Queen musician John Deacon play?Bass guitar
In which year did Queen and David Bowie hit the top of the UK charts with "Under Pressure"?1981
What was Freddie Mercury’s real surname?Bulsara
The Queen hit single "One Vision" was taken from which no.1 album?A Kind of Magic
What was the title of Queen's first album released in 1973?Queen
Which Queen song begins, "Oh you gonna take me home tonight, Oh down beside that red fire light"?Fat Bottomed Girls
Queen guitarist Brian May is a qualified Doctor of...what?Astrophysics
Which Queen song includes the lyrics, "Don't look back, don't look back, it's a rip-off..."?Flick of the Wrist
In what year was the rock band Queen formed in London?1970
What was the title of the hit single recorded by Freddie Mercury and opera star Montserrat Caballe?Barcelona
What was Queen’s first single, though it failed to reach any of the major charts?Keep Yourself Alive
"Another One Bites the Dust" was a hit single taken from which no.1 album by Queen?The Game
"I'm Going Slightly Mad" and "Headlong" are tracks from which Queen album?Innuendo
The video to Queen’s hit "I Want to Break Free" was inspired by which British TV soap opera?Coronation Street
Which song was Queen's first US no.1 hit?Another One Bites the Dust
What was the title of Queen's first music video, released in 1973?Keep Yourself Alive
What was the most successful single to come from Queen’s 1978 album "Jazz"?Don't Stop Me Now
Apart from the title track, what was the only other top 10 single from Queen's album "A Kind of Magic"?One Vision
Queen's album "Jazz" produced two UK silver-selling singles. "Bicycle Race/Fat Bottomed Girls" was one; what was the other?Don't Stop Me Now
Which Queen song, a hit in 1977, was re-released in 1998 but failed to chart?We are the Champions

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