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Reality Shows Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who came in second to Tina Wesson on "Survivor: Australia"?Colby Donaldson
Which pro basketball player was a contestant on "The Celebrity Apprentice"?Dennis Rodman
Which SNL star appeared on "The Joe Schmo Show"?Kristin Wiig
Which star of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" was a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars"?Carson Kressley
Which reality show is not real?The Naughty Corner
What is reality star Jenny Farley better known as?J Woww
What other business mogul hosted a version of "The Apprentice"?Martha Stewart
Which UFC fighter was a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars"?Chuck Liddell
Which one is NOT a cast member on "Jersey Shore"?Honey
Season 8 of "The Bachelor" was subtitled with what city?Paris
Which "American Idol" judge performed with Kris Allen on a previous season?Keith Urban
Bobby Trendy was featured on whose reality show on E!Anna Nicole Smith
Which professional race car drive was a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars"?Helio Castroneves
Uncle Si is a cast member of which reality show?Duck Dynasty
Who was the host of "Rescue 911"?William Shatner
What New York personality hosted the reality game show Studio 7?Pat Kiernan
Who was the first African American winner of "American Idol"?Ruben Studdard
Which reality show was hosted by Chris Harrison?The Bachelor
Which network aired "Road Rules"?MTV
Who is the host of "So You Think You Can Dance"?Cat Deely
The show "Big Brother" gets it's name from which novel?1984

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