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Reptiles Trivia QuestionAnswer
How many of the 5 subspecies of Jura Viper can only be found in Italy?2
The Katuali is what species of snake?Sea Snake
What species of reptile is a Gharial?Crocodile
The Chinese giant salamander is the largest living species in what taxonomical class?Amphibian
In which of the US states does the Western Banded Gecko NOT live?Texas
When it wants to attack you, the Sonoran coral snake distracts you by doing something else. What?Farting
The Panamanian golden frog doesn't have ears, per se. Instead, what organ picks up sound waves and sends them on to the eardrums?Lungs
What state amphibian of New York can survive having two thirds of its body frozen solid?Wood frog
The Calabar Python is also known as what?African Burrowing Python
Able to point its eyes in separate directions, what iguana uses its chromatophore cells to change color with its moods?Chameleon
How many subspecies of Reticulated Python are there in the world?0
The chameleon gets its name from some Latinized Greek. What does its name literally mean?Ground lion
In D&D, this creature can turn you to stone. In the real world, it's a lizard that can literally run on water. What is it?Basilisk
What country's Yangtze River is the only place outside the Western Hemisphere where you can find native alligators?China
Which is the largest species of Spitting Cobra in the world?Ashe's Spitting Cobra
The Timber Rattlesnake can be found in which country?United States
What Indonesian island shares its name with the world's largest lizard?Komodo
I like alligators. I like crocodiles. The only place I can find them both in the wild is the soutern tip of what state?Florida
What part of their bodies can lizards dump, thanks to a fracture plane across their lower vertebra?Tail
The Olive Sea Snake can be found in the Indian Ocean and which other ocean?Pacific Oean
You'd find there are no alligators in the Alligator River, but you would find crocodiles. Where are you?Australia
A puff adder called Bitis arietans is what continent's most dangerous snake?Africa
What snake is Britain's only poisonous reptile?Adder
What term for a tree nymph is also another name for a king cobra?Hamadryad
Opluridae is a family of Lizards that are native to which country?Madagascar
How many subspecies are there of the Leopard Gecko?5
Night Adders, found only in sub-Saharan Africa, are a subfamily of which of snake?Vipers

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