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Rock Trivia QuestionAnswer
ls this the real life? ls this just fantasy? In what song is Queen caught in a landslide, no escape from reality"?Bohemian Rhapsody
Which of the following bands does NOT feature actual blood-related brothers?The Byrds
What is the title of the compilation album released by Green Day in 2001?International Superhits!
What TV network carried The Monkees?NBC
Which member of Van Halen was born in California?Michael Anthony
What sort of Karma was a hit for Radiohead?Karma Police
Which of the following artists refers to a single person?Englebert Humperdinck
What licensed pilot flew his own Cessna Citation to gigs, a plane that had an anarchy logo on the tail?Dexter Holland
Which of the Beatles married a woman whose Japanese name means "ocean child" in English?John Lennon
What group had a #1 hit in 1995 with the theme to the TV show Friends?The Rembrandts
"Sorry" became what rock band's first top ten hit?Buckcherry
Which American band comprises of three brothers and their cousin?Kings of Leon
Which movie rating was the title of a 2000 album by Queens of the Stone Age?R
What Green Day song was about anxiety attacks?Basket Case
Which of the following foreign titled songs was sung in English?El Condor Pasa
What was the title often third studio album released by Green Day which reached number 1 in Canada, Australia and New Zealand?Dookie
Which singer’s birthday is December 25?Jimmy Buffett
On September 11, 1996, what major recording artist made history by releasing his new single exclusively on the Internet?David Bowie
Which of the following bands features actual blood-related brothers?Isley Brothers
According to "With Or Without You," by U2: "Sleight of hand and twist of fate, on a bad of nails she..." does what?Makes me wait
Before finding fame as The Eagles' drummer, Don Henley was a member of whose backing band?Linda Ronstadt

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