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Rocky Trivia QuestionAnswer
At the start of "Rocky V", Rocky is concerned because he cannot stop what?His hands shaking
In the beginning of "Rocky V", Rocky calls out for which deceased friend?Mickey
In "Rocky V", which character signed Rocky's power of attorney over to an accountant?Paulie
In "Rocky V", Rocky mistakenly refers to which writer as "a painter"?Mark Twain
In "Rocky V", the character George Washington Duke is based on which real-life boxing promoter?Don King
Which Rocky film was released December 20, 2006?Rocky Balboa
In what round was Rocky Balboa knocked out by Apollo Creed in the original "Rocky"?He was never knocked out
In "Rocky V", boxer Tommy Gunn is given which nickname?The Machine
The opening scene of "Rocky IV" shows what kind of objects exploding?Boxing gloves
In "Rocky II" who said, "if he goes blind, Paulie, you walk away"?Adrian
Who played Thunderlips in "Rocky III"?Hulk Hogan
Which song plays during Rocky's training montage in "Rocky IV"?Hearts on Fire
What were the names of Rocky's pet turtles in "Rocky"?Cuff and Link
Which of these men both wrote and starred in the 1976 film "Rocky"?Sylvester Stallone
Who directed "Rocky IV"?Sylvester Stallone
In "Rocky Balboa", what is Steps' real first name?Stephenson
In "Rocky V", Rocky finishes the fight with Tommy in which way?Slamming him into a bus grill
In "Rocky IV", Duke and Paulie try to remind Rocky that Drago is not what?A machine
In "Rocky Balboa", Marie works in which tavern?Lucky Seven
In the last scene of "Rocky V". Rocky looks at a statue of himself in which city?Philadelphia
In "Rocky", what was Rocky Balboa throwing darts at?Bathroom Door
In "Rocky Baiboa",which TV network broadcasts a computer simulation of Mason Dixon and Rocky Balboa fighting?ESPN
Which boxer played Tommy Gunn in "Rocky V"?Tommy Morrison
Before fighting Ivan Drago, Apollo Creed enters to which song?Living in America
Who said "There's one thing I want you to do for me. Win, Win!" in "Rocky II"?Adrian
In which "Rocky" movie does Rocky face a Russian boxer named Ivan Drago?IV
In "Rocky II" who said: "You’re gonna eat lightnin’, you're gonna crap thunder"?Mickey Goldmill
Which actor played Paulie in "Rocky V"?Burt Young
When "Rucky Balboa was released, which actress publicly supported Sylvester Stallone's decision to kill off her character?Talia Shire
Who said; "Girls love you - Men, old people love you" in "Rocky ll"?Duke
In "Rocky V", Tommy Gunn leaves Rocky’s gym because Rocky refuses to do what?Get him a championship fight
In "Rocky V", Adrian says that Rocky won all of his past fights with what?Heart
Which "Rocky" film featured a young Mr. T?Rocky III
How many title defenses was Rocky said to have had in "Rocky III"?10
Which character says: "l'm nobody’s puppet"?Rocky
For his fight against Ivan Drago in "Rocky IV", Apollo Creed shows up dressed as which character?Uncle Sam
In "Rocky Balboa", what is the nickname of Mason Dixon?The Line
Which character in "Rocky Balboa" is Rocky's brother-in-law?Paulie
In "Rocky V", Rocky is forced to retire after he discovers he has what?Brain damage
In "Rocky Balboa", Rocky befriends which kid?Steps
Who is the announcer for the Rocky and Mason Dixon fight in "Rocky Balboa"?Michael Buffer
At the end of "Rocky V", Rocky and his son visit what kind of museum?Art
In "Rocky V", after being nearly defeated by Tommy Gunn, Rocky tells him that he "didn't hear" what'?A bell
In "Rocky IV", Rocky jokes that the first thing Apollo should get to fight Drago is what?A ladder
Out of the first five Rocky movies, which grossed the most money?Rocky IV
In "Rocky V", Rocky tells Tommy Gunn to "come and get" what?His respect
Which actor played Apollo Creed in "Rocky IV"?Carl Weathers
In "Rocky IV", Apollo Creed fights Drago in which city?Las Vegas
The end credits of "Rocky Balboa" shows many people climbing the steps of which art museum?Philadelphia Museum of Art

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