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San Francisco 49ers Trivia QuestionAnswer
What Hall of Fame quarterback was with the 49er from 1951-60?Y.A. Tittle
Who was the first player to received and rush for 1000 yards in the same season?Roger Craig
Who was named MVP of Supter Bowl 29?Steve Young
In 2007, the 49ers drafted Patrick Willis with the 11th overall pick. What long time All-Pro was the 2nd overall pick?Calvin Johnson
Who was the last 49er player before Patrick Willis who was an all-pro defensive player in their rookie year?Ronnie Lott
Against what college team in the 1979 Cotton Bowl did Joe Montana score the winning touchdown with two seconds left?Houston
What team did C.J. Spillman play for before the 49ers?San Diego Chargers
What round was Dana Stubblefield by the 49ers in 1993?1st
Who led the 49ers in tackles in Super Bowl 47?Patrick Willis
Anquan Boldin holds the record for most receptions in a season by a rookie. What is that number?101
What was Steve Young's uniform number?8
What was Bill Walsh's record in 14 career playoff games?10 and 4
What 49er receiver holds the record for most receiving yards by a rookie in their first game?Anquan Boldin
What year was Jim Harbaugh drafted?1987
What year was Deion Sanders Defensive Player of the Year while playing on the 49ers?1994
What position did Hall of Famer Dave Wilcox play for the 49ers?Linebacker
Who did NaVorro Bowman replace as starting linebacker for the 49ers?Takeo Spikes
What place did Jerry Rice and his partner come in the 2005-06 Season of Dancing with the Stars?2nd
What year did the 49ers draft Glenn Coffee?2009
What 49er great was drafted in the first round of 1981?Ronnie Lott
Where did Glenn Coffee go to college?Alabama
What former 49er was the General Manger of the Browns from 1998-2002?Dwight Clark
In the 2012-13 NFC Championship Game, who deflected Matt Ryan's final pass to Roddy White to end the Falcon's last minute drive?NaVorro Bowman
What 49er was the 1970 NFL MVP?John Brodie
Who is the current coach of the 49ers?Jim Harbaugh
Where does Alex Smith rank among active quarterbacks in career throwing yards?17th
What college did Mario Manningham go to?Michigan
What Hall of Fame coach hired Bill Walsh as an Assistant Coach at the University of California?Marv Levy
What year did the 49ers draft Patrick Willis?2007
What 49er great played college football at Mississippi Valley State?Jerry Rice
How many years did Glenn Coffee play in the NFL?1
Who did the 49ers beat in the 1998 Wild Card Game when Steve Young threw a game winning TD to Terrell Owens with 3 seconds left?Green Bay Packers
What is Colin Kaepernick's uniform number?7
What team originally drafted Colt McCoy?Cleveland Browns
What 49er QB was the first player in NCAA history to throw for over 2000 yard and run for over 1000 yards three years in a row?Colin Kaepernick

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