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San Francisco Giants Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who was second in the Giants in saves in the 2012 season?Sergio Romo
What San Francisco Giant Manager has the most regular season wins?Dusty Baker
Who is the first San Francisco Giant to not allow a run in their first two career World Series starts?Madison Bumgarner
What Giant was 17th in the voting for National League MVP in 2011?Pablo Sandoval
Wha was Willie Mays' nickname?The Say Hey Kid
What team drafted Bruce Bochy in the first round in the 1975 Supplemental Draft?Houston Astros
What team did the Giants lose to in the 1989 World Series?Oakland A's
Where does Barry Zito rank among active pitchers in career leaders in strikeouts?10th
What team did Angel Pagan play for before the Giants?New York Mets
Who was the MVP of the 2010 World Series?Edgar Renteria
From their first year in San Francisco in 1958 to 1968, how many times did Willie Mays not win the Gold Glove Award?0
How many of the 2012 World Series games went into extra innings?1
Pablo Sandoval holds the Giant record for most hits by a switch hitter in a season. How many did he have?189
What current Giant's nickname is the Baby Giraffe?Brandon Belt
What team did Tim Lincecum no hit on July 13, 2013?San Diego Padres
How many wins did Tim Lincecum have when he won the 2008 Cy Young Award?18
In Game 3 of the 2012 World Series, what Giant pitcher pitched 5.2 shutout innings?Ryan Vogelsong
How many wins did Mike McCormick have when he won the 1967 Cy Young Award?22
In the voting for 2010 Manager of the Year, what place did Bruce Bochy come in?3rd
What is Gregor Blanco's uniform number?7
Who was Casy Stengel talking about when he said to a pitcher, "Where would you like us to defend him, upper deck or lower deck"?Willie McCovey

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