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Science Fiction Trivia QuestionAnswer
Of these "Star Wars" characters, which from Dagobah is?Yoda
"Revenge of the Sith" is actuaiiy the third chapter (not the sixth) of what famous movie saga?Star Wars
What 2008 JJ Abrams movie shows us an alien monster rampage from the viewpoint of an amateur cameraman?Cloverfield
What air carrier was deputed running space shuttles an "2001: A Space Odyssey" but actually collapsed an 1991?Pan Am
What kind of people were being slaughtered in "Logan's Run"?Anyone 30 years old
What "Star Wars" actor was scarred in a car accident while making B bomb called "Corvette Summer"?Mark Hamill
In the real world, it’s an explosive. What fictional character was once frozen in carbonite?Han Solo
What superhero was born on July 4,1920, in Manhattan to Irish immigrant parents?Captain America
Which of these post-apocalyptic Australian movies came first?Mad Max
Anastrophe what "Star Wars" character often uses?Yoda
What "Star Wars" villain is secretly Darth Sidious?Emperor Palpatine
What pulp hero was brought back by Seth Rogen in a film directed by Michel Gondry?Green Hornet
Make it so! What Star Trek captain was born in La Barre, in the Haute-Saone department of France's Franche-Comte region?Jean-Luc Picard
Which of these is NOT a Steven Spielberg movie?Star Wars
What fictional people were from Endor?Ewoks
Long before Halle Berry came along, which of these women played Catwoman in the movies rather than on TV?Michelle Pfeiffer
What French director took the helm for the movie version of Ray Bradbury's SF classic "Fahrenheit 451", his only film in English?Francois Truffaut
Steven Spielberg cut much of what film’s ending, so that you don't get to see Richard Dreyfuss inside the mothership?Close Encounters of the ...
What senator from Naboo becomes emperor?Palpatine
What X-Man got his own movie, which had two different post-credits scenes, depending on which print of the film you saw?Wolverine
What Yale graduate was a world-famous polo player before getting mixed up in outer space adventure?Flash Gordon
Who would most likely use a bladed, two-handed weapon called the bat'leth?Worf
Who prevailed over the no-win Kobayashi Maru training exercise by secretly reprogramming the computers that ran it?James Kirk
At first, it was a kind of gray color, but what color is the Incredible Hulk's skin nowadays?Green
Which of these movies famously featured an 865-foot tower of volcanic rock in Wyoming called Devils Tower?Close Encounters of the ...
The third "Mad Ma" x film, "Beyond Thunderdome", included what singer as Aunty Entity?Tina Turner
What movie monster terrorized New York in 1933,1976 and 2005?King Kong

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