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Who invented xerography?Chester Carlson
King Hassan II is believed to be the first foreign monarch to patent an invention in the US. Of what country was he king?Morocco
In the 1780s what item was called a hathaway for Jonas Hathaway, who had invented one?Umbrella
In building the Doilkos in 600 BCE, an evil tyrant named Periander of Corinth is credited with what invention?Railroad
Who is also the only person to have a stable, non-reactive element named for him?Johan Gadolin
Who invented the sub-machine gun in 1920?Thompson
What celebrity accordionist patented an accordion-like ashtray and an accordion-like lunch box?Lawrence Welk
Botanit Carolus Linnaeus created modern binomial nomenclature in the 1700s. Where was he from?Sweden
In what language, his native language, was Copernicus known as Mikolaj Kopernik?Polish
Whose paradox of the infinite notes that there has to be as many imperfect squares as there are whole numbers?Galileo
Shortly after winning the Nobel Prize, Pierre Curie died. What killed him?A horse-drawn carriage
Despite his interest in helping the deaf, who invented a telephone his own deaf wife couldn't use?Alexander Graham Bell
The negative pressure ventilator was invented to treat coal gas poisoning, but today it is better known by what name?Iron lung
Francis Crick told people he came up with the idea of a double helix at one of his LSD parties. What had this double helix?DNA
Both the Eustachian tube and the Fallopian tubes were named for 16th-century anatomists from what country?Italy
In 1896, what French scientist accidentally discovered radioactivity while researching fluorescence in uranium salts?Henri Becquerel
In addition to inventing the phone (officially), who also invented a landmine detector, a hydrofoil boat and the aileron?Alexander Graham Bell
Who is buried in Rwanda, under a gravestone that reads, "No One Loved Gorillas More"?Dian Fossey
What illustrator named MacGillivray's Warbler for fellw ornithologist William MacGillivray?John James Audubon
Charle Lindbergh worked with Dr. Alexis Carrel in the 1930s. On what?An artificial heart
What did John Harrion invent in 1757?Chronometer
In 2007, Shinya Yamanaka and James Thomson reprogrammed regular skin cells to behave as what kind of cells?Embryonic stem cells
What Swedish chemist was so spooked after reading his own 1888 obituary that he protected his legacy with some prizes?Alred Nobel
Named for mathematician Daniel Kirkwood, where would you would you find Kirkwood gaps?Asteroid belt
In a bitter battle to discredit George Westinghouse's rivel alternating current, who proposed that AC be used in electric chairs?Thomas Edison
In june 1896, who finished building his first automobile at his home at 58 Bagley Avenue in Detroit?Henry Ford
What fascist scientist also had a great-grandmother who founded the Jameson Whiskey distillery?Guglielmo Marconi
Filmed by Thomas Edison, the first movie starred Fred Ott. What was he doing?Sneezing
Galileo had an illegitimate son named Vincenzo of Galileo by his mistress Marina Gamba. What was their last name?Gallilei
What did Robert Jarvik invent in 1982?Artificial heart
Not only did both of my parents win Nobel Prizes, but I shared one with my own husband in 1935. Who am I?Irene Joliot-Curie
What former portrait painter invented telegraphy?Samuel Morse
What did the Manhattan Project develop in the 1940s?The atomic bomb
Who combined nitroglycerin and gunpowder to create Swedish Blasting Oil?Alfred Nobel
Whose interest in how the eye perceives color led him to take the first color photo, of a tartan-patterned ribbon, in 1861?James Clerk Maxwell
In 1831, what 39-year-old invented the dynamo, the transformer and the DC motor?Michael Faraday
What did Josephine Cochrane invent in Shelbyville, Illinois, in 1886, out of frustration with her clumsy servants?Dishwasher
Henry Heimlich, who created a life-saving maneuver, worked in what medical field?Thoracic surgeon
San Francisco's Royal Palace launched what bar-room staple in 1889?Jukebox
Aristarchus of Samos was the first person known to advance what crazy, crazy idea?Earth revolves around the sun
Who won the first Nobel Prize for Physics, after he discovered X-rays?Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
In the third century BC, which of these things did Eratosthenes do a surprisingly good job of measuring?The circumference of the earth
Named for William Crookes, a Crooke tube helped us discover something. What?Cathode rays
Out of curiosity, the director of the Oklahoma City zoo fired 297 mg of LSD into what animal, named Tusko, which died as a result?Elephant
Who said "nature abhors a vacuum"?Aristotle
At the University of Pittsburgh Medical School, who tested his new polio vaccine on himself and his whole family?Jonas Salk
What Danish astronomer had a pet moose who died after getting drunk on beer and falling down the stair?Tycho Brahe
Despite encountering a lot of resistance to his ideas, who now has a unit of resistance named for him?Georg Ohm
What Austrian has an effect named for him, one familiar to cops lurking in speed traps and people who like listening to trains?Johann Doppler
Donald Smith and his father, Frank Smith, of Orlando shared US Patent 4,022,227 for what grooming idea?A kind of comb over
Andre Geim won the Nobel Prize (in Physics) in 2010, for his work on graphene. What did he win in 2001?Lg Nobel Prize (In Physics)
Goldsmith Johann Gutenberg is better known for what famous invention?Movable type
Although best known for inventing board games, who also invented that paper cutter that threatens your fingers at the office?Milton Bradley
In 1833, France's Xavier Progin invented the first modern version of something, as a way to help blind people. What?Typewriter
In what European capital was Marie Curie born?Warsaw
Which scientist was born on the 300th anniversary of Galileo's death?Stephen Hawking

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