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Seinfeld Trivia QuestionAnswer
In Season 6, Jerry dates a woman named Donna Chang. Where is Donna Chang from?Long Island
Who plays the role of Meryl in the episode, "The Wife?"Courtney Cox
Who are Elaine's "bizarro" friends?Kevin, Gene, and Feldman
Actor Wayne Knight played which Seinfeld character?Newman
What material does George say he would drape himself in?Velvet
After Kramer started practically living in his shower, what did he install there?A garbage disposal
What object belonging to Lloyd Braun did Elaine break?A chair
On what TV show does Jerry Seinfeld wear the puffy shirt?The Today Show
When Kramer goes to fantasy camp, George says people should pay how much to be Kramer?$2,000 a week
In which episode does George say that he has asthma?The Fire
What is the name of the kid in the hospital with Steinbrenner's birthday card?Bobby
What was the name of Kramer's movie treatment?The Keys
Who gave Elaine a bench as a birthday gift?Kramer
What was name of the unruly dog that Jerry got stuck watching?Farfel
How many Seinfeld spisodes did David Owen Trainor direct?Two
Kramer hired Cubans to make cigars for him. But they are not Cubans. What are they?Dominicans
What is the name of the Post Master General played by Wilford Brimley?Henry Atkins
In the episode "Bizarro", what replaces Jerry's bike in Elaine's new friend's apartment?A unicycle
What character did French Stewart, of 3rd Rock, play in an episode?A theater manager
What video game is George a master of?Frogger
Who is Jerry dating in the episode "The Apology?"Melissa
Who was mistaken to be the smog strangler on the TV show "Seinfeld"?Kramer
What did Kramer start using in place of shaving cream?Butter
Where did George lose his Phil Rizzuto key ring?86th Street
Who did Jerry play pingpong with when he was a kid, and how old was he at the time?Joel * 10 years old
What is the occupation of Kramer's mother?Bathroom Valet
In "The Face Painter" episode, what does George declare to his girlfriend?I love you (twice)
Who is the appraiser of Mister Peterman's old wedding cake?Edwin Lubrec
Which of Jerry's girlfriends has "the tractor story?"Sophie
What does Kramer think is so great about Hennigan's Scotch?It doesn't make you smell
What is Newman's favorite candy?Chunky
What did Elaine spray Crazy Joe Davola with?Cherry Binaca
George rejected Steven's scholarship because he wanted to change to what profession?City planner
In the episode "The Kiss Hello," what is the name of Elaine's friend who kisses everyone hello?Wendy
Who thinks Iron Man never wore an undergarment?George
What was the name of the matador Elaine said she'd been dating?Eduardo Corrochio
Which bank does Nana use to send Jerry his birthday checks?Chemical Bank
Elaine was thrown out of Yankee Stadium for wearing the baseball cap of which team?Baltimore Orioles
What was the Wiz Guy doing for work when Elaine met him?Facts checker

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