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Sitcoms Trivia QuestionAnswer
What does Mitchell do for a living on "Modern Family"?Lawyer
"South Park" has been on the air since 1997. In what year was the first episode broadcast in which Kenny did NOT die?1997
In the sitcom "Last Man Standing", what is the first name of Vanessa and Mike's youngest daughter?Eve
In the sitcom "Mike and Molly", what is Mike's occupation?Cop
Which of these is the name of a sitcom that premiered in 2012?The Mindy Project
In the sitcom "Two and a half Men", who does Judith marry after divorcing Alan?Herb
Where did Doug propose to Carrie on "King of Queens"?Football game
The classic rock song "Low Rider" was the theme song to what ABC sitcom?George Lopez
What was Fonzie's first name on "Happy Days"?Arthur
What is the occupation of Billie in the sitcom "Accidentally on Purpose"?Movie Critic
Who sang the theme song for "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"?Wil Smith
What was the name of the dog in "Frasier"?Eddie
What is Rose's last name on "The Golden Girls"?Nyland
Who plays Eliot on "Scrubs"?Sarah Chalke
Where was the sitcom "Animal Practice" set?Veterinary Office
Which "Friends" character had the middle name of Muriel?Chandler
In what state does the sitcom "Parks & Recreation take place?Indiana
Paul Rudd played the husband of which character on "Friends"?Phoebe
What star of a sitcom named after himself had his first big break as Maurice on the '80's sitcom "What's Happening Now!?"Martin Lawrence
Which of these actresses appears in the sitcom "Breaking in"?Megan Mullally
How many children does Ray have on "Everybody Loves Raymond"?3
In which city is the sitcom "Whitney" set?Chicago
What is the name of the Shetland Pony who serves as the mascot for Pawnee on "Parks & Recreation"?Lil Sebastian
Who was the only son in the Conner family on "Roseanne"?DJ
In the US sitcom "The Office", what commodity does the company Dunder Mifflin deal in?Paper
Who played Casey Kelso on "That 70's Show"?Luke Wilson
Claudia Lonow, who created the sitcom "How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)" appeared in which TV soap?Knots Landing
Who plays Claire on "Modern Family"?Julie Bowen

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