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Snacks Trivia QuestionAnswer
General Mills, which markets Betty Crocker, merged with Pillsbury in 2001. Both companies were based in or near what city?Minneapolis
What company produced an ice cream whose name is Swedish for "Frozen Happiness"?Kraft
A 2006 online poll by Planters left Mr Peanut the way he was. Which of the following does he in fact wear?Top hat
In Atlantic Canada, and sometimes in Maine, you might find a McHomard at McDonald's. What is it?Lobster Sandwich
Popsicle stickes are generally made out of what wood?Birch
What ice cream company gave away 7.5% of pre-tax profits to charities and good causes?Ben & Jerry's
What would you find twelve of on each side of an Oreo cookie?Flowers
Austria's Eduard Haas III invented what treat as a smoking alternative?Pez
We "betcha can't eat just one" of what junk food treat?Lay's potato chips
What was Colonel Sanders' real first name?Harland
What Vermont company sold Phish Food, named for a Vermont-based jam brand?Ben & Jerry's
How many days did it take for Coca-Cola to bring back "old Coke" after the disastrous launch of New Coke?79 days
What cola was launched in France, in November 2002, by Tawfik Mathlouthi, as a way to help Palestinians?Mecca Cola
They're red, yellow and blue and they're found on Wonder Bread Packaging. What are they?Balloons
In whihc of these cities are you most likelyl to buy a Tastykake?Philadelphia
What is Quiky, the Nestle Nesquik mascot?Rabbit
At the 1939 All-Star Game, 46 of the 51 players had endorsed what Breakfast of Champions?Wheaties
What suave msacot sells Post's Sugar Crisp, later renamed Golden Crisp?Sugar Bear
In 1906, Derry Church, Pennsylvania, was renamed for the biggest company in town. Which one?Hershey
What chain sells a Whopper variant called the Big Classic, as well as the Baconators?Wendys
Two mnths after the premiere of "Super Size Me" at Sundance, what company stooped "super sizing" its portions?McDonald's
Per the ads, what is "the other white meat"?pork
The Mauna Loa company is famous for sellign what Hawaiian treat, foudn on the volcano of the same name?Macadamia nuts
Drawn from a spring in Vergeze called Les Bouillens, what water brand promises 50 million bubbles per bottle?Perrier
Pyongyang Restaurant is an Asian franchise created to provide hard currency to what pariah regime?North Korea

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