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Soccer General Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which Spice Girl married a footballer and turned herself into a fashion designer?Posh
Who had been a goalkeeper for Real Madrid until a car crash left him semi-paralyzed, leading to a different career?Julio Iglesias
Which soccer team did Andre Schurrle move to from Bayer Laverkusen in 2013?Chelsea
Who holds the record for the most ever goals in a single European Championships with 9?Platini
How much did Manchester United pay for Christiano Ronaldo in 2003?12.24 million
Which Aston Villa player won a solitary England Cap in 1994?Kevin Richardson
Which football club holds the record for the longest uninterrupted period in the English top flight?Arsenal
As of 2013, which of these is a soccer player in Tottenham Hotspur?Scott Parker
England and which other country are international football's oldest opponents?Scotland
Which legendary soccer player had a turn named after him?Johan Cruyff
Who said, "They think it's all over, it is now!"?Kenneth Wolstenholme
Which German is currently the overall top scorer in the history of World Cup Finals with 14 goals?Gerd Muller
Who was capped only four times by England but made 640 League apperances for Liverpool?Ian Callaghan
In which year was the innaugral FIFA Club World Cup?2000
How many international goals did Tom Finney score for England throughout his career?30
As of 2013, which of these is a soccer player in Liverpool FC?Iago Aspas
Which of these is a soccer player is in Chelsea FC as of 2013?Fernando Torres
Who has the record for the most goals scored for England?Bobby Charlton
How many times did Tony Adams play for England?66
What is the name of Liverpool's training ground?Melwood
Which team won the FA Cup in 2013 but where then relegated from the Premier League?Wigan
Which goalkeeper played for Bristol Rovers, Crystal Palace, Leeds United, Everton, and England?Nigel Martyn
In what year was Pele born?1940
David Moyes was replaced at Everton by which FA Cup Winning manager?Martinez
Who are the oldest Scottish Football Club?Queens Park
Striker Lotta Schelin plays interantional soccer for which national, women's side?Sweden
Who scored the last ever goal in an FA Cup semi-final replay?Ryan Giggs
After how many seconds did Bryan Robson score against France during the 1982 World Cup?27
David James and which other former Manchester City player was in the England squad for the 2010 World Cup?Shaun Wright-Phillips
Who were the winners of the Champions League in 2000?Real Madrid
Stamford Bridge and the Emirates Stadium are soccer stadiums in which city?London
Which goalkeeper played for Chesterfield, Leicester, Stoke City, and England?Gordon Banks
Who did former Newcastle United manager Chris Hughton win the FA Cups with?Tottenham Hotspur

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