South America

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South America Trivia QuestionAnswer
What water body seperate Cape Horn and Antarctica?Drake Passage
What name, from Greek mythology, did the Spanish soldier Francisco de Orellan give to a river area that he had explored?Amazon
What type of mountain is Cotopaxi?Volcano
What is the administrative capital of Bolivia?La Paz
As a continent, what rank is South America in population?Fifth
The Darien Gap is a patch of rain forest that separates Panama and which South American country?Colombia
What do Spanish speaker call the Drake Passage?Mar de Hoces
What is the capital of Uruguay?Montevideo
In what country is the city of Salvador?Brazil
What lake is shared by Peru and Bolivia?Lake Titicaca
How does Brazil rank worldwide in population numbers?Fifth
What is the capital of Costa Rica?San Jose
Which South American capital city is known by the sobriquet "Athens of South America" because of its educational institutions?Bogota
Which Peruvian city is famous for its Torre Tagle Palace?Lima
In which country does the Paraguay river originate?Brazil
Which of these cities is the capital of French Guiana.Cayenne
The Calicanto bridge across the Mapocho river can be found in which capital city?Santiago
Nap, Branco, Tigre, and Yapura are some of the tributaries of which river?Amazon
Where is the Apure River?Venezuela
The upper segments of which river are called Solimoes, particularly in Brazil?Amazon
What geographical feature can be divided into the Lago Pequeno and the Lago Grande?Lake Titicaca
In what country is the city of Maracaibo?Venezuela
Which strait in Tierra del Fuego is named after the first person to have circumnavigated the world?Magellan

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