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South Park Trivia QuestionAnswer
What do Spielberg and Lucas do to Indiana Jones in "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"?Rape Him
As seen in "Probably" followers of which religion are the only occupants of heaven?Mormon
Which character is a news reporter for Channel 4 News?Chirs Swoolenballs
What country is Starvin' Marvin from?Ethiopia
Which color is the hat Kyle wears?Green
What phrase is written on Officer Barbrady's police car?To patronice and annoy
What state is that quiet little podunk white-trash mountain town called South Park in?Colorado
What space vehicle kills Kenny?Space Station Mir
From where was the Mexican staring from from?Sri Lanka
Whih former USPresident undergoes therapy for sex addiction in season 14?Bill Clinton
What catches Death's eye while he is chasing the boys?A Terrance and Philip episode
What is the professional stunt turkey named in "Hellen Keller! The Musical"?Alinicia
What is one of Shelly Marsh's favorite TV shows?Buffy the Vampire Slayer
How much time do the kids get off of school when Ms. Choksondik dies?2 weeks
What are Kyle's parent's names?Sheila and Gerald
What is the name of Jimbo's boat?USS Fishkiller
Which sect of Judaism is the evil elder from?Synagogue of anti-Semites
What is the name of the sheep herder killed by Woodsy Owl?Mr. Yelman
What place does the class visit for their field trip in "Robert Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods"?The Planetarium
Which one of the four main character does Chef live next door to?Kyle
Billy Circlovich made his first apperance in which episode?The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000
What does Mrs. Broflovski say when something she is shocked about something?What what what?!
What is the number on the back of school bus?3991
What time did the Underpants gnomes show up in Tweek's room?3:30 a.m.
What is Eric Cartman's middle name?Theodore
What is Stan's Uncle Jimbo's last name?Kern
Who does Cartman imitate in the Cat orgy episode?Will Smith
Who gave Mr. Garrison the idea to kill Kathie Lee Gifford?Mr. Hat
What does Officer Barbrady usually say when a crime is comitted?Nothing to see here

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