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Space Exploration Trivia QuestionAnswer
Venera 9, a Russian space mission, became the first spacecraft to orbit which planet?Venus
As of 2013, how many moons are known to orbit the planet Neptune?13
What was the meaning of the Greek word planetes which gave us planet?Wanderer
In what year were the first components of the International Space Station launched?1998
Where on the Moon did Apollo 11 land?Mare Tranquillitatis
In 2013, how much is the 2 month lease of 110 cubic meters aboard Bigelow Alpha Station being advertised for?$25 million
What words are missing from this quote: "Houston …here. The Eagle has landed."Tranquility Base
Which of these cities is nearest to Star City, which is home to mission control of the Russian Federal Space Agency?Moscow
What property shows that the universe is expanding?Redshift
NASA has named its new solar sail Sunjammer. After what is it named?Arthur C. Clarke story
Who was the command module pilot on Apollo 14?Stu Roosa
The first spacewalk was from Voskhod 2. What was its duration?12 minutes
Which of these four plante is farthest from the Sun?Neptune
Which of these four planets is nearest to the Sun?Venus
Which of these is NOT one of the five involved in the International Space Station?Chad
What means "the point in an object's orbit when it is farthest from the Sun"?Aphelion
What, in our solar system, is the fourth planet from the Sun?Mars
What means "belonging or relating to the sky"?Celestial
The first monkey in space was Albert II. In which year did he go into space?1949
In what year were the first detailed pictures of Mars taken during a fly-by of planet by Mariner 4?1965
What planet in the solar system has a Great Red Spot?Jupiter

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