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Sports: General Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which champion boxer was born Cassius Clay?Muhammad Ali
In which sport is there two-day event called FITA round, named for the Federation Internationale de Tir a l'Arc?Archery
How old was Boris Becker when he won his first Wimbledon singles title?17
Speed skater Eric Heiden went pro, not in speed skating, but in what sport?Cycling
Which sport was known as "shuttlecock" in its early years?Badminton
At the 2009 Winter X Games, Levi LaVallee attempted the first double back flip in a competition. What was he doing at the time?Riding a snowmobile
Which of these sports has the most rules?Football
What nickname was shared by baseball's Roger Clemens, football's Raghib Ismael, tennis's Rod Laver and hockey's Maurice Richard?Rocket
How many players in a baseball team?9
Who defeated his own uncle in a November 1938 showdown called "The Match of the Century"?Seabiscuit
In which year were the summer Olympic games held in Moscow?1980
How many minutes of play are there in an American football match?60
What event, which includes medal events in both sports and arts, was launched in 1989 in Morocco?Francophone Games
What is the length of an Olympic swimming pool in meters?50m
There are the Mets, Jets and Nets, but in which league did the New York Sets play?World Team Tennis
Which NHL superstar had the nickname "The Golden Jet"?Bobby Hull
As at 2013, how many Summer Olympics have been in the southern hemisphere?2
What team plays in the Saddledome, a facility used in the 1988 Winter Olympics?Calgary Flames
Oddly enough, Denmark is the strongest non-Asian country in what Olympic sport with Anglo-Indian origins?Badminton
In what sport was Jack Dempsey famous?Boxing
How many rings are on the Olympic flag?5
What country's wrestling is also called oil wrestling, since the pehlivans ("heroes") lather themselves in olive oil?Turkey
In the game of billiards, what is the number of the blue solid and stripe balls?2 and 10
Kayaks are basically canoes, but used by whom?Inuit (Eskimos)
How many gold medals did Michael Phelps win at the Beijing Olympics?8
How many baseball gloves can be made with the leather from one cow?5
A revival of pall mall, what game gets its name form the French word for hook?Croquet
At which Formula One circuit would one find the "Lesmo Bend"?Monza

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