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Stephen King Trivia QuestionAnswer
What is the true name of Arthur Denker in the novella "Apt Pupil?Kurt Dussander
Who was the painter of the painting The Road Virus Heads North in the short story of the same name?Bobby Hastings
What is the name of the island on which Dolores Claiborne lives?Little Tall
Who is the first character to die in the elctric chair in "The Green Mile"?Arlen Bitterbuck
What is the name used to refer to a place where reality has worn away in "The Dark Tower" series?A thinny
Which actor played Red in the film adaptation of "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption?"Morgan Freeman
What is the name of the traveling book salesman who is the main protagonist of the story "Mute"?Monette
Who is the lead Hunter on the fictional show "The Running Man" in the story of the same name?Evan McCone
What is the name of the neo-Nazis who terrorize New York City in "Wolves of the Calla"?The Hitler Brothers
"What is the occupation of Harry Dunning in Stephen King's "11/22/63"?"
From what song does Jessie Burlingame take her personal name for the mysterious visitor in the novel "Gerald's Game"?The Joker
At what event were eight people poisoned during "The Tashmore Lake Poisoning" in the novel "The Colorado Kid"?A church picnic
In "Song of Susannah", what type of vehicle does John Cullum lend to Roland and Eddie?Galaxie
Which Beam was the first to fall in "The Dark Tower" series?Eagle-Lion
What is the name of Roland Deschain's hawk?David
What is the name of Carrie White's fundamentalist Christian mother?Margaret
Which creature attacked Jake the second time he arrived through the door to Mid-World in "The Waste Lands"?The Plaster Man
What destroys Manhattan in the story "Graduation Afternoon?"An atomic bomb
What is the name of the librarian in the novella "Big Driver?"Ramona Norville
Along which American highway are the characters in the novel "Desperation" traveling before their abduction?Highway 50
Who is the host of the "The Running Man" television show in the story of the same name?Bobby Thompson

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