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Superhero Comics Trivia QuestionAnswer
How many powers does the Flash have?1
As Jubilee, what superpower does mutant mallrat Jubilation Lee from Beverly Hills have?Creates fireworks
Where do Kai-L and Kal-El defeat Superboy-Prime?Mogo
In 2011, what musician created a comic book character called Marijuanaman, billed as a "noble extraterrestrial champion"?Ziggy Marley
What did Hawkeye do when his parents died?Join the circus
What cub reporter appeared in the Superman radio series before appearing in the comics?Jimmy Olsen
What is the Mimic's real name?Calvin Rankin
J Jonah Jameson tormented Spider-Man as publisher of what newspaper?Daily Bugle
Maxwell Dillon is which Spider-Man foe?Electro
Sad Sack, the most famous draftee in comics, first appeared during what war?World War II
What is Ice's real name?Tora Olafsdotter
Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Jon Stewart, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner have all been which superhero?Green Lantern
J2 #5 introduced which X-People member?Wild Thing
Comics icon Dennis O'Neil has said that Metropolis is New York above 14th St, and that what Batman home is New York below 14th st?Gotham City
Shortly after killing Robin, what supervillain became Iran's ambassador to the UN?Joker
What Canadian superhero first paired up with the Hulk before getting a spot in the X-Men?Wolverine
Stever Rogers is the given name of what superhero?Captain America
Phillipa Sontag is which Marvel villain?Arclight
What villain first appeared in "X-Men #8" (Nov. 1964)?Unus the Untouchable
Where is Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum locatedGreenwich Village, Manhatten
The Monitor creates Dr. Light IV to replace whom?Psycho Pirate

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