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Tabletop Games Trivia QuestionAnswer
The lawn version of what game was mostly banned in North America in the 1980s?Lawn darts
Which is not an acceptable word in the game of Scrabble?Au
IN what card game do you use a board to track your progress until you peg 121?Cribbage
On a typical bingo card, the lowerest possible number is B-1. What is the highest?O-75
What world conquest game has official variations for missions and castles, and unofficial variations for Martians and nukes?Risk
In Vegas, what color is traditionally used for the zero in a roulette wheel?Green
IN the official Monopoly rules, what happens when you land on "Free Parking"?Nothing
Unless you're playing the 50th anniversary edition, which of these weapons cannot be used in Clue to do away with Mr Boddy?Poison
Along with the Z, what title has the highest value (10) in Scrabble?Q
In Monopoly, what is the rental on Boardwalk with one house?200
Anatoly Karpov became famous for a chess style named for which snake?Boa constrictor
How many possible opening moves are there in a game of draughts?7
How many counters does a player start with in Backgammon?15
In the Game of Life, what are the playing pieces that you move around the board?Cars

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