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Tech Trivia QuestionAnswer
What was the first name of the game developing company Atari?Syzygy
What country promotes its high tech sector as Silicon Polder?Netherlands
What year did Facebook debut?2004
By what name was Netscape known officially before it became Netscape?Mosaic
Founded by Paypal employees, what site was bought by Google for $1.65 billion?YouTube
Pescadero, Oceano and Indio are codenames of earlier version of which popular software?Firefox Browser
Which American Vice President referred to the Internet as an "Information Super Highway"?Al Gore
Which of these terms hides the network part of an IP address?Subnet Mask
"Relationship Matter" is the slogan of which social networking site?Linkedin
What year was the Nintendo Game Boy released in the US?1990
In what year was the compact disk invented?1965
What was the "beta version" of the Internet called?ARPAnet
How is binary digit more commonly known?Bit
Which of these is the smallest gadget in the iPod family?Shuffle
What search engine started out as "David and Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web"?Yahoo!
Which company published the famous first person shooter game 'Quake'?id Software
Rick Skrenta created Elk Cloner, said to be the first example of what pernicious high-tech phenomenon?Virus
What is the prgram called that searches the database of domain names?WHOIS
Which tablet computer was the first to ship with Android Jelly Bean, version 4.1?Nexus 7
Name the ebook develped by Barnes & Noble.Nook
Who was the co-founder of the news aggregation site "Alltop"?Guy Kawasaki

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