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Thanksgiving Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who was at the number one in the Billboard singles chart on Thanksgiving 1977 with "You Light Up My Life"?Debby Boone
In which decade did the Campbell Soup first create Green Bean casserole?1950s
What is the latest date in November that it can be Thanksgiving in America?November 28th
Who wrote the children's book "Arthur's Thanksgiving"?Marc Brown
Which singer, famous for "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)" was born on Thanksgiving 1939?Betty Everett
"The wicked oppressing now cease from distressing" are lyrics from which traditional Thanksgiving hymn?We Gather Together
Who, on Thanksgiving 1998, became the first Prime Minster of the UK to address the Republic of Ireland's parliament?Tonly Blair
On what day of the week is Thanksgiving celebrated in teh United States?Thursday
Who played Norman Osborn in the 2002 film "Spider-Man" who finds out Peter Parker is Spiderman at a Thanksgiving dinner?Willem Dafoe
Who plays the title character of "Dexter" which had a Thanksgiving themed episode in season four with "Hungry Man"?Michael C. Hall
Which English tenor, born on Thanksgiving g1966, released "La Voce" in 2010 his first album since overcoming brain cancer?Russell Watson
Which TV families 1970 television Thanksgiving special episode was called "The Un-Undergorund Movie"?The Brady Bunch
Which of the following can be used as the sweetener in "candied yams"?All of the Others (marshmallows, maple syrup, molasses)
In the Seinfeld episode "The Mom and Pop Store" Elaine wins a spot on the parade route in which city?New York
What did Franklin D Roosevelt do in 1939 to with the Thanksgiving holiday to help bolster retail sales?Moved It A Week Early
Wild turkeys can run at approximately what top speed?10mph
The story of a Baltimore family whose members have a tradition of meeting their angels at Thanksgiving in which Anne Tyler novel?A Patchwork Planet

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