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What nested in the carcass of the lion killed by Samon?Honey Bees
Which judge led an army reduced by God to 300 men to defeat the Midianites by blowing trumpets and waving torches?Gideon
St. Paul wrote two of his Epistles in the New Testament to which of these churches?Corinthians
Describing the Israelites' flight from slavery in Egypt, what is the name of the second Book of the Bible?Exodus
Jesus' home town, Nazareth, was in which region?Galilee
Which shepherd is murdered by his older brother, a farmer, in Genesis, chapter 4?Abel
According to John, what was Pilate's final question to Jesus?What is truth?
In the parable, what have the 5 wise virgins remembered to bring to the wedding, which the 5 foolish virgins have forgotten?Oil
Which Church accepts the largest number of Books in its Biblical canon, including Enoch and Jubilees?Ethiopian
Which disciple betrayed Jesus?Judas
What is the name of the 4th century Latin translation of the Bible which became the official Catholic version?Vulgate
Which English King commissioned the production of the Authorized Version of the Bible?James I
In the 3rd century BC, 70 Jewish scholars translated the Hebrew Bible into Greek. What is this translation called?Septuagint
Which prophet told David of Adonijah's plot, causing David to name Solomon as his heir?Nathan
Which gentile, a companion on many of his journeys, was the coauthor of six of Paul's Epistles?Timothy
Which Book of the Bible includes the stories of the fiery furnace and the writing on the wall?Daniel
In Moses's vision of the burning bush, God describes Canaan as a Land of … what?Milk and honey
Who was chosen to replace Judas Iscariot as the 12th Apostle?Matthias
In the Acts of the Apostles, who is imprisoned by Herod and rescued by an angel?Peter
Which disciples were named "the sons of Thunder" by Jesus because of their fiery tempers?James and John
Which man's suffering was made worse by the advice of three friends known as his "comforters"?Job
Where was the 1604 conference at which the King James Bible was conceived and commissioned?Hampton Court
Which of the synoptic Gospels begins with Jesus's baptism, and has no birth narrative or genealogy?Mark
In the Hebrew Bible, how are the Books of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel known collectively, due to their length?Major Prophets
During the Exodus, which object was carried by priests 2000 cubits ahead of the Israelite people and army?Ark of the Covenant
According to the Book of Acts, where did the Ascension of Jesus take place?Mount of Olives
Where was King David born?Bethlehem
On which island was Saint Paul shipwrecked?Malta
Who was the son of Ham, whom Noah cused when Ham saw him drunk and naked?Canaan


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