The Dark Knight

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The Dark Knight Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who wrote a paper on weaponized fusion reactionsDr. Pavel
How long was Bruce Wayne unconscious after fighting Scarecrow?Two Days
Where does Selina Kyle live?Old Town
What does Catwoman call Bruce Wayne at Wayne Manor?A Cripple
Who told Gotham that he was Batman in "Dark Knight"?Harvey Dent
What did Gordon and has friends call Harvey Dent when he worked in Internal Affairs?Two-Face
What is Bane dressed as when he attacks the stock exchange?Courier
For how long did Bruce Wayne leave Gotham to explore the world and train?7 years
Complete the quote: "I believe, whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you..."Stranger
What color hair does the Joker have in "The Dark Knight"?Green
Why does Alfred leave Bruce?To save him from demise
Who portrays Sal Maroni?Eric Roberts
Which of these does NOT show up in "The Dark Knight" trilogy?Batsub
Liam Neeson played which of the following characters?Ra's al Ghul
Who finally learns Batman's identity at the end of "The Dark Knight Rises"?James Gordon
What do the League of Shadows consider powerful weapons?Theatricality and deception
What is the Catwoman's real name?Selina Klye
Where is the entrance to Wayne's "secondary Batcave?"In a shipping crate
Batman tells Rachel that Dr. Crane was just a...?Pawn
Who plays Lucius Fox?Morgan Freeman
Why did Batman win his final fight against Bane?He cut Bane’s mask open


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