The Godfather

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The Godfather Trivia QuestionAnswer
Where are the scenes of young Vito's Little Italy neighborhood of 1917 shot?6th Street in the East Village
In 1975, how many Academy Award nominations did "The Godfather, Part II" receive?11
How many years did Michael Corleone spend in Sicily while hiding from the other Mafic families?3
Marlon Brando played the head of the Corleone family. What was his first name?Vito
What is Anthony Squigliaro's nickname?The Ant
In "Part III", which Fonda plays a reporter seeking an interview with Michael?Bridget
What weapon is used to kill Don Lucchesi?Eyeglasses
Who was the other man in the car with Clemenza and Gatto when Gatto was killed?Rocco Lampone
How is Hyman Roth's birthday cake decorated in Havana?The island of Cuba
What is Tom Hagen's ethnic background?German-Irish
What type of car was Sonny driving when he was murdered?46 Lincoln Continental
Which high ranking Corleone family member was discoered to be a traitor?Sal Tessio
Who acts like they have never met in front of Michael in "Part II"?Fredo and Johnny Ola
How many Academy Awards did "The Godfather Part II" win?6
Who plays Michael Corleone?Al Pacino
Which certain food item is said to symbolize death in "The Godfather"?An orange
Which of these words were neer seen on any newspapers in "The Godfather"?Mafia
When Vincent is speaking with Mary, how does he address his father, Sonny?The Prince of the City
What kind of store did young Vito work at in New York?Grocery
Which character tries to assassinate Michael at an opera house?Mosca
What is the name of the hotel Michael stays at in Havana?Capri
Whose location is described as "sleeps with the fishes"?Luca Brasi
Who is Frankie Five Angels?Frank Pentangeli
What happens to Kay's baby in "Part II"?She has an abortion
What word did Willi Cicci not understand at the Senate hearing?Behest
"If histroy has taught us anything, it's that you can kill anybody." Who said this?Michael Corleone
Who ran The Tropigala Las Vegas before the Corleone's took over?Meyer Klingman
Which character in "Part III" dies after eating a poisoned cannoli?Don Altobello

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