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A St. Louis 15-yr-old, known as Robert R, died in 1969 in St. Louis of what disease, which baffled his doctors at the time?AIDS
To what distance does the 20 in 20/20 vision refer?20 feet
In addition to being the genus of seahorses, the hippocampus is also the name of part of your body. Where is it?Brain
Which of these is not (generally) an example of prophylactic surgery?Nose Job
Lysozyme is found in each of these bodily fluids, but in which one does it protect the cornea from bacteria?Tears
Which of these trademarked tranquilizers is called diazepam generically?Valium
You can catch Hansen's disease from handling an armadillo. By what name is Hansen's disease better known?Leprosy
What would most likely be held in place by your tragus?Earbuds
By some counts, what creature is ultimately responsible for killing roughly half the people who've ever lived?Mosquito
Invented by Albert Hofmann, what did the CIA test for its mind-control possibilities?LSD
As far as your dentist is concerned, what are your gingivae?Your gums
Although it'd be better in a cosmo or a screwdriver, what booze is also good for fighting foot odor?Vodka
In vertebrates, which protein gives red muscle its color?Myoglobin
What is both the largest internal organ of the body?Liver
What kind of pathogen causes malaria?Protozoan
Alcoholics can get Korsafoff's psychosis. What does this do?They can't form new memories
In addition to being a field of mathematics, "calculus" also refers to what dental condition?Tartar
What part of your body is called, more politely, either the glutal cleft or the natal cleft?Butt crack
What body parts are sometimes referred to as "chompers"?Teeth
What bad habit is also known as rhinotillexis?Picking your nose
Pulmonary arteries and pulmonary veins connect what organ to the heart?Lungs
Chemically, it is C27H46O, but its English name is from Greek for "solid bile." What is it?Cholesterol
What does "homosapiens" mean?Man the wise
I'd give my eye teeth to know this. What teeth are also called eye teeth?Upper cuspids
What is the most commonly broken bone in the human body?Clavicle
What part of your body leaves behind a "dactylogram"?Finger
A tonometer measures hydrostatic pressure to detect what condition?Glaucoma
If you just had a snack, which of these body parts will the food reach last?Large intestine
A pulpectomy is an endodontic treatment to cure an infection. By what name is this surgery also known?Root canal
What 1899 discovery is credited to Bayer chemist Felix Hoffmann?Aspirin
Which of these teeth is furthest back and can include wisdom teeth?Molars
You have more than 600 skeletal muscles, the smallest of which is the stapedius. Where is the stapedius.Middle ear
Which of these is NOT part of the digestive system?Lungs
Because its cells replace themselves so infrequently, what organ is practically immune to cancer?Heart
According to Gray's Anatomy, what would you find on either side of a vomer?Nostrils
What’s ingrown if you suffer from onychocryptosis?A toenail
What is the more common name for your larynx?Voice box
“Malocclusion” is a technical term for what dental condition?Overbite
Which condition is caused when the aqueous humor doesn’t drain properly?Glaucoma
What causes jaundice?Too much bile


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  1. Human body

    What’s ingrown if you suffer from onychocryptosis?
    Answer: A toenail

    What is the more common name for your larynx?
    Answer: Voice box

    “Malocclusion” is a technical term for what dental condition?
    Answer: Overbite

    Which condition is caused when the aqueous humor doesn’t drain properly?
    Answer: Glaucoma

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