The Lord of the Rings (Literature)

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The Lord of the Rings Trivia QuestionAnswer
What river forms the eastern border of the Shire?Brandywine
What did Aragorn return to Pippin at Ortahnc?Brooch
What was the great cleft at the end of the mountains, the Valley of Saruman, named?Nan Curunir
What was the meaning of the name Elbereth?Star-lady
After Frodo recovered at Rivendell a feast was held to celebrate the victory, where did this victory occur?Ford of Bruinen
Where did strider first encounter Frodo and his companions?Great Road
Who knew about Bilbo's ring as he had witnessed him using it about a year before his eleventy-first birthday?Meriadoc Brandybuck
Gloin, whom Frodo met at Rivendell, had been one of the twelve companions of whom?Thorin Oakenshield
What did Treebeard imply were counterfeits and a mockery of Elves?Orcs
Which of these do NOT refer to LegolasOf the Mountain Fastness
What was the Hobbits museum called?Mathom-house
Who joined with Gandalf to fight Saruman's companies at Helm's Deep??Erkenbrand
Where did Wormtongue die?The Shire
When Merry and Pippin fought after crashing into the Orcs, what did Merry cut off?Arms & Hands
Who, according to the guards, are the only people, apart from their own, welcom at Theoden's court?Mundburg
Who was the Lady of Lorien?Galadriel
Which Fallohide brothers were the founders of the Shire?Marcho & Blanco
What term relates to Eowyn?Shieldmaiden
What was another name for the Oliphaunt?Mumakil
What was the name of Bilbo's home in the Shire?Bag End
Legolas is a prince of the…? What?Silvan Elves
Who was the first Dark LordMorgoth
Why did Smeagol murder his friend?To get the Ring
What was the "grey-clad moving hill" that Sam saw?Oliphaunt
Who rescued the Hobbits from the Barrow-wight?Tom Bombadil
In Bregalad's song, what were the Lassemista?Rowan Trees
Who was the Lady of Rivendell?Arwen
What was Sauron?Maia
Who is a character in the original novels but NOT in Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings" films?Tom Bombadil
Who is believed to be the only dwar to cross the seas to the Grey Havens?Gimli
Which of these did Sauron's mouthpiece NOT display at the Black Gate?Lock of hair
What was the Elvish name of the eldest of the Ents?Fangorn
How many companions set out in the Company of the Ring?Nine
In the Company of the Ring, how many of the Nine were Hobbits?Four
What is the last peak of the Misty Mountains called?Methedras

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