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The O.C Trivia QuestionAnswer
What kind of disaster strikes in season four?Earthquake
What is the name of the university which Seth and Summer areboth vying for a position at?Brown University
Which character finds out that his father is gay in season one?Luke
What blood type do both Seth and Ryan have?O-
Who said: "Look, I experimented when I was your age, albeit it involved a little Motley Crue and a lot of Jaeger."?Julie
What is Theresa's surname?Diaz
Which character admits to Marissa that he hates dancing?Ryan
Actor Nicholas Gonzalaz plays which character?D.J.
What is the name of Sandy's mother who is referred to by the nickname The Nana?Sophie
Seth co-creates a graphic novel with whom?Zack
When Summer left Zach at the airport where were they planning to go?Italy
In which episode does the character Volchok make his first appearance?The Swells
How do Zach and Seth decide who takes Summer to prom and who meets George Lucas?Coin toss
Which season 2 episode see's Marissa move into the Cohen's house?The Risky Business
Which duo start their own dating service?Kirsten and Julie
Which two names does Seth suggest for Ryan and Theresa's baby?Seth and Thor
Who didn't attend Marissa's funeral?Ryan
In which season does the character Volchok first feature?Season 3
In which year was actress Mischa Barton born?1986
"The O.C." is set almost entirely in which state?California
What is the name of Sandy's new Newport Group partner in season 3?Matt Ramsey
Who said: "Star Wars convention? I'm sorry, her top was off. You couldn't at least have said X-Men for me?"Seth
What is the name of Kirsten and Julie's dating agency?New Match
What is the name of the comic book created by Zach and Seth?Atomic County
In the season 3 episode "The Anger Management" what band perform at The Bait Shop?The Subways
What city is Seth's friend Anna Stern from?Pittsburgh
In which season 3 episode does Ryan celebrate his 18th birthday?The Journey
In which season 1 episode do Julie and Caleb marry?The Ties that Binds

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