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The Oscars Trivia QuestionAnswer
Olivia De Havilland won the 1949 best actress Oscar for which film?The Heiress
What Frank Sinatra tune was nominated for the "Best Original Song" Oscar in 1956?Love is the Tender Trap
In what year did "Life is Beatiful" win the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film?1999
In what category did Patrick Doyle win an Oscar for the film "Sense and Sensibility"?Musical Score
In 1993, who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress?Anna Paquin
For what film did Elizabeth Taylor win her first Oscar?Butterfield 8
Which actor was banned from the Oscars once after making anti-China comments?Richard Gere
How many times was Bette Davis nominated for an Oscar?10
Which 1948 film featured Prince's acting debut and won him an Oscar for Best Song Score?Purple Rain
Which actor was nominated for his work as the character Paddy Conlon in the film "Warrior"?Nick Nolte
For what film did Clark Gable take home the Oscar in 1934 for Best Actor?It Happened One Night
How long between Katharine Hepburn's first and last nominations?48 years
How many Best Actress nominatations did Katharine Hepburn have?12
What famed actress won her first Oscar in 1931 and final in 1970?Helen Hayes
Who is eligible to receive the Academy's special Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award?Producers
Which actor was nominated for his work as the character Dan White in the film "Milk"?Josh Brolin
In the film "A Better Life" who was Oscar nominated for his role as Carlos Galindo?Demian Bichir
William Holden won the Oscar for best actor for what film?Stalag 17
What film did Loretta Young win an Oscar for in 1947?The Farmer's Daughter
Which was the first film with Oscar nominations in all 4 categories?Mrs Miniver
Orson Welles' Oscar for "Citizen Kane" was sold in a 2011 online auction for how much?861542
Who in 2005 became the oldest winner of the Best Director Oscar at 74 years 272 days old?Clint Eastwood
Shirley Jones won the best supporting actress Oscar for what film?Elmer Gantry
Who was nominated for an Oscar for his performance as Aron Ralston in the film "127 hours"?James Franco
For what movie did Audrey Hepburn in her only best actress Oscar?Roman Holiday
The film "Minight Cowboy", which won an Oscar in 1969 for Best Picture, had what rating originally?X
What film did Shirley MacLaine win an Oscar for in 1983?Terms of Endearment
What movie got Barry Manilow an Oscar nomination for "Ready To Take A Chance Again"?Foul Play
What was the first western to win the Best Picture Oscar?Cimarron
In the film "Silver Linings Playbook" who was Oscar nominated for his role as Pat Sr.?Robert De Niro
Which film chewed up the competition to win five Oscars in 1992?The Silence of the Lambs
How many Oscars did "The Exorcist" win?2
Two Best Picture winners have just four letters in their names. "Argo" is one, what's the other?Gigi
Which actor was nominated for his work as the character Howard Hughes in the film "The Aviator"?Leonardo DiCaprio
Ron Howard won 2 Oscars in 2002 for which film?A Beautiful Mind
Which film won the Academy award for Best Picture in 1971?The French Connection
What was the cost of a guest ticket to the first Academy Awards?5
How old was Marlee Matlin when winning Best Actress Oscar?21
Through 2008, what was the only movie based on a TV series to win a Best Picture Oscar nomination?The Fugitive
What Best Foreign Language Film Oscar winner has the shortest title?Z
For which film did Victor Mclaglen win an Oscar?The Informer
Who won the Best Actress Oscar in 1963?Anne Bancroft
Walter Brennan won 3 Oscars, all in which category?Best Supporting Actor
Peter Sellers won his first Oscar for which movie?None of these movies
For which film did Robert Duvall win an Oscar?Tender Mercies
What Oscar winning film is about a speech therapist who helped an unsure king?The King's Speech
In what movie was Jennifer Hudson nominated for an Oscar for playing Effie White?Dreamgirls
In what year did "Flashdance… What a Feeling" win the Oscar for Best Original Song?1984
Michelle Williams was nominated by the Academy for her acting in the role of Cindy, in what film?Blue Valentine

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