The Periodic Table

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The Periodic Table Trivia QuestionAnswer
In which block of the periodic table do the alkali metals lie?s-block
Very unstable for a halogen, what is the typical half-life of Astatine?12 hours
What is the chemical symbol of Bromine?Br
February 19th 2010 was when element 112's name and symbol were officially adopted. It was the 537th birth anniversary of whom?Copernicus
Though later retracted, the first claim for the discovery of Nobelium was made by scientists at which institute?Nobel Institute
The chemist de Boisbaudran named which element after his country of origin?Gallium
What is the chemical symbol of Seaborgium?Sg
Which of these is true of all actinide elements?All radioactive
Who is credited with the discovery of Chlorine?Carl Scheele
What is the atomic number of hydrogen?1
Niobium is named after Niobe, a figure in Greek myth. Niobe is the daughter of which figure who also gives his name to an element?Tantalus
Karl Hermann and Friedrich Stromeyer discovered which element in 1817, which is named after the Greek for calamine?Cadmium
Which element is easily the most common constituent in the Earth's core?Iron
Which of these has been used for nuclear fuel in reactors?Thorium
Which of these scientists is credited with discovering Krypton?William Ramsay
Which element named after a Nobel winner's country is found in the same column as oxygen?Polonium
Which of these is the top-most element in the halogen group?Fluorine
Group 11 has four elements: gold, silver, roentgenium, and which other metal?Copper
To which group does Bohrium belong to?7
What is the color of elements in the noble gases group?Colorless
Electrum is an alloy of silver and which other neighbouring metal?Gold
By what common name are the elements is the rightmost group in the periodic table called?Noble gases
Who made important observations about the similarity of elements while writing a book called "The Principles of Chemistry"?Dmitry Mendeleev
What color are elements of the alkaline earth metal group usually found in?Silver White
Ruthenium is named after the region of Ruthenia, which refers to which modern day country?Russia
What is the symbol by which Tellurium is represented?Te
Who is considered the creator of the now standard periodic table?Mendeleev
Who is credited with the discovery of Protactinium?William Crookes
Apart from hydrogen, which is the only other element on the first row of elements in the periodic table?Helium
Potium, Deuterium, and Tritium are the isotopes of which element?Hydrogen
In 1908, Masataka Ogawa discovered which element which he incorrectly thought to be element no. 43?Rhenium
After which famous astronomer is element number 112 named?Copernicus
Which chemical element has the symbol "Db"?Dubnium
Darmstadtium was discovered at the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, which is located in which place?Darmstadt

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