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The Rolling Stones Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which Rolling Stones LP included "Hot Stuff"?Black & Blue
In which town in Kent, England was Mick Jagger born?Dartford
Which Rolling Stones album drew angry protest from the Reverend Jesse Jackson?Some Girls
The Roaring same; second single "I Wanna Be Your Man" was written by which song-writing duo?Lennon & McCartney
Which Jagger/Richards song contains the lyric "Hey! Said my name is called Disturbance"?Street Fighting Man
Which 1966 album was only released in America, reaching the US album charts top 10?Got Live if You Want It!
Which of the Rolling Stones made a cameo appearance an the 2007 "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie, "At World': End"?Keith Richards
Who is on the cover of "Get Yer Ya—Ya’s Out"?Charlie Watts
"I Want to Be loved" was the B-side of which early Rolling Stones hit single?Come On
Which British group released their own version of the Rolling Stones hit "The Last Time" as a gesture of support for the band?The Who
The Rolling Stones had three UK no. 1 singles in 1965. What was the first of these?The Last Time
Who is the lead singer of The Rolling Stones?Mick Jagger
Finish this Stones lyric, "When I’m drivin' in my car, and the man come on the..."?Radio
Whose face is featured on the back cover of "Tattoo You"?Keith Richards
Finish this Stones' lyric, "Gimme, gimme shelter or I’m gonna .... "?Fade Away
What was the title of The Rolling Stones first UK single?Come On
What Rolling Stones album was recorded in Jamaica?Goat's Head Soup
Which famous author's house did the Stones' Brian Jones live in until his death in 1969?A.A. Mline
Whose side project is the X-pensive Winos?Keith Richards
"As Tears Go By" was the UK B-side of which Rolling Stones hit single?19th Nervous Breakdown
Who sang backing vocals on the Rolling Stones B-side track "We Love You"?Lennon & McCartney
What is the name of Mick Jaggers youngest son, born in 1997?Gabriel
Just before leaving the Rolling Stones, Brian Jones contributed songs to which album?Let It Bleed
"Diamond rings, vaseline. you give me disease" is from which Rolling Stones tune?Turd On the Run
What was the Rolling Stones most successful UK single of the 1990s?Like a Rolling Stone
On which Rolling Stones album did "Jumping Jack Flash" originally appear?It was released as a single
How many consecutive LPs did The Rolling Stones have on Billboard Top Ten Charts in the USA?26
The 12-minute long track "Goin’ Home" featured on which Rolling Stones album?Aftermath
What was the name of the first Rolling Stones album to include all of their own compositions?Aftermath
Which Roiling Stones song includes the words, "One o'clock two o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clockchimes"?Dandelion
Which Rolling Stones song has the lyric "I’ll steal your mistress from under your nose"?Midnight Rambler
"Country Honk" was e Rolling Stones song released on which of these albums?Let It Bleed
What else besides satisfaction can’t Mick Jagger get in the song "Satisfaction"?Girl Reaction
The Rolling Stones had which hit single in 1969?Honky Tonk Woman
In which local London Soho pub did Mick and Keith meet Brian Jones?Bricklayers Arms

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