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The X-Files Trivia QuestionAnswer
In which episode does Mulder first fire his gun?Conduit
How did Scully find out about the chip implanted in her neck?Setting off a metal detector
A volcanic parasite attacks a geological team in which Season 2 episode?Firewalker
Who said "I should know by now to trust your instincts."?Dana Scully
In the episode "Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man", CSM is responsible for what?Shooting John F. Kennedy
What is the name of Mulder and Scully's boss?Walter Skinner
In the episode "Firewalker", what was found at the bottom of the volcano?A parasite
What was the name of the wife of Cancer Man who became the first successful hybrid?Cassandra
In the 1998 X-Files movie who said "If I quit now - they win"?Dana Scully
What was on the TV when Samantha was taken?Watergate
What are Mulder and Scully?F.B.I. agents
How many times had Amanda Nelligan seen "Star Wars" in the episode "Small Potatoes"?368
In which season was Mulder abducted?Season 7
Which city police department did Agent John Doggett work for before joining the FBI?New York
The spirits in a nursing home come back for revenge in which season 2 episode?Exelcis Dei
In the first sesason finale, what was the address of Zeus Storage?1616 Pandora St.
Who said "There's only one thing I can do. As of right now I am reopening the X-Files. That's what they fear the most."?Walter Skinner
In the third season opener of "The X-Files", what psychiatrist did Melissa urge Scully to see?Dr. Mark Pomerantz
Which was the first episode NOT written by Chris Carter?Squeeze
What was the subtitle of the first X-Files movie?Fight the Future
In the episode "Emily" Scully had a flashback of receiving her necklace on what occasion?Christmas
Which season 7 episode storyline involves two dopplegangers?Fight Club
What are the in-bred family called from the episode "Home"?Peacock
Who composed the series theme tune?Mark Snow
Alex Krycek fluently speaks which other language besides English?Russian
What was Frank Brigg's occupation?Detective
Which actress did X-Files actor David Duchovny marry in 1997?Tea Leoni
What was the first "The X-Files" episode written by Vince Gilligan?Soft Light
Whose jersey is Mulder wearing in a flashback where Mulder's sister is abducted by aliens?Bernard King's, Of the Knicks
Which member of Scully's family died in the episode "Paper Clip"?Her sister
What does Mulder say is the most heinous and evil force of the 20th century?Barney
Which episode featured a cross over with the television series NYPD Blue?Unusual Suspects
From which episode does Mulder say "Ten to one you can't dance to it"?Fire
In which episode does Mulder say "I may not have the X-Files Scully, but I still have my work. And I"ve still got you."?Little Green Man
What is the Reticulan skin tone, according to Mulder?Grey
Who was abducted to keep Mulder's father silent?Mulder's sister
In the episode "Little Green Men", how did Scully justify being in Mulder's apartment?Feeding his fish
When is Fox Mulder's birthday?41560
How is John Doggett introduced to the series?Leader of FBI task force
Who wrote the episode titled "All Things"?Gillian Anderson
What was the name of the doctor who put Mulder under regression hypnosis?Dr. Heitz Werber
In what year did Mulder and Scully actually meet on the "X-Files"?1992
Which episode see the first apperance of Agent John Doggett?Within
Which episode was the first to have Mulder's voice giving the ending summary?Born Again
In which of the following episode does Scully imply she wants children?Home
In one episode Mulder says he is intrigued by women named …?BJ
On "The X-Files", what film did Mitch Pileggi have a small part in?Basic Instinct
What TV show did the character Agent Lucy Kazdis hail from?ER
In the episode "Musings of the Cigarette Smoking Man", who killed the E.B.E?Deep Throat

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