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Toronto Maple Leafs Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who was the first European-based player in Leaf history?Inge Mammarstrom
In what year did the Leafs and Canadiens play 5 straight overtime
Which CFL team did Harold Ballard buy in 1978?Hamilton
Where did Pat Quinn coach before coming to the Leafs in 1998?Vancouver
Name the last time the Leafs hosted the All Star Game?2000
Who was the OT hero for the Leafs against the Red Wings in 1993 Game 7?Nikolai Borschevsky
Of the Leafs goaltenders who won the Vezina, which one did it with the lowest GAA?Al Rollins
Which team did the Leafs combine with to score 20 goals in one game in 1986Oilers
How many retired numbers do the Leafs have?2
Which player did the Leafs NOT receive from the Oilers in a big 7 player trade in 1991?Ken Linseman
Who was the last Maple Leaf to win the scoring title?Gord Drillon
Who succeeded Foster Hewitt as the voice of the Leafs?Bill Hewitt
What year did the Leafs set a team record for points with 103?2003-04
Which former Kitchener Ranger couldve been a Leaf if they took him with the 3rd pick in the 1982 draft?Scott Steves
How many leafs rookies have won the Calder trophy?9
In which year did the Leafs upset Montreal in the Cup Final?1947
Name the Bruins goalie that Darryl Sittler torched for 6 goals in 1976?Dave Reece
Who ruined the Leafs chances to get to the 2002 Cup Finals?Carolina
In 1984-85 the Leafs set a team record for losses in a season with how many?52
When the Leafs won their 13rd and last Cup, what position did they have on the all time Cup wins list?1st
What year did the Leafs make the playoffs despite having the 2nd worst record in the league?1988
Who did the Leafs receive in a 2006 trade for goalie Tukka Rask?Andrew Raycroft
After Punch Imlach was fired as coach of the Leafs, who remarked. "If they don't want Imlach, I guess it doesn't want me"?Tim Horton
Who was the first Leafs player to win the Hart Trophy?Babe Pratt
After what season did Frank Mahovlich win the Calder Trophy?1956-57
How many 20+ goal scorers did the Leafs have in the 2008-09 season?5
How many different coaches did the Leafs have in the 80s?8
Which team defeated the Leafs in the 1993 Campbell Conference Finals?Los Angeles Kings
Who is the Leafs all time leader for overtime goals?Mats Sundin
How many goals did Darryl Sittler score in his 10 point game?6
Who had the longest tenure as Leafs Captain?George Armstrong
The Leafs were involved in the 1st NHL radio broadcast in which year?1923
What right winger finished second in scoring on the 1993-94 Leafs?Dave Andreychuk
What is the Leafs longest streak of consecutive playoff appearances?15
In which year did the Leafs come back from 3-0 down in the Cup Finals?1942

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