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Toys Trivia QuestionAnswer
In 1964, every boy needed a G.I. Joe doll. How much did one cost?4
What owl-like toy was popular 1998-2000?Furby
In 1999, Mattel purchased what Hall of Fame in Palo Alto, California, from Evelyn Burkhalter, collector extraordinaire?Barbie Hall of Fame
What doll was based on illustrations by Rose O'Neill that appeared in Ladies' Home Journal in 1909?Kewpie
The skincare-savvy 2002 version of what 1971 Barbie came with a faux bottle of sunscreen?Malibu Barbie
Although Share-a-Smile Becky did have a hot pink wheelchair, whose Dream House turned out to be wheelchair inaccessible?Barbie
In what year did Cabbage Patch Dolls become THE gift of the holiday season?1983
What material was used to produce the first Matchbox cars in the 1950s?Die-cast metal
What was the first toy marketed by Hasbro that became a hug success?Mr. Potato Head
Three of these are superheroes. Which one was a toy introduced in 1976 by Kenner?Stretch Armstrong
What company makes Beanie Baies?TY
What Janas Brothers song shares its name with a GI Joe feature, introduced in 1944?Kung Fu Grip
What war toy did US Customs insist on classifying as a doll, forcing Hasbro to pay higher tariffs?GI Joe
What year did the Rubik's cube become popular worldwide?1980
What kind of puzzle did a London mapmaker named John Spilsbury invent to help him teach geography?Jigsaw puzzle
What wonderful toy, fun for a girl and a boy, was invented while looking for a spring to counterbalance waves on ships?Slinky
Which millionaire toy soldier collector had amassed over 90,000 figures at the time of his death?Malcolm Forbes
What did Hasbro sell before venturing to selling toys?School supplies
What toy is not married but also has a brother and sister named Spud and Yam?Mr. Potato Head
As a gesture to anti-smoking groups, what Hasbro toy lost its pipe as part of the Great American Smokeout in 1987?Mr. Potato Head
Hugely in demand in 2009, Zhu Zhu pets were robot versions of what other pet?Hamsters
What company makes the Razor Scooter?Micro Mobiliy Systems
Matchbox is a brand synonymous with what children's toy?Miniature cars
Which of these was NOT one of the Bratz, but was actually Mattel's rival Flavas line?Peebo
PMS 219 is Barbie's signature color. What is it?Barbie Pink

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