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In the US its's Blue Angles, in the UK it's the Red Arrows and in Canada it's the Snowbirds. What?Military aeronautics teams
What letter in the name of the Concorde caused a flap between Britain's Harold Macmillan and France's Charles de Gaulle?E
What innovation can we credit to the 1901 Oldsmobile?First speedometer
John Luther Johnes of Cayce, Kentucky, has a special place in railway lore. By what name is he better known?Casey Jones
What cars were nicknamed Fox bodies, because they were built on the Fox platform after 1979?Mustangs
Plymouth named what muscle car for a cartoon character, even making the horn match its distinctive sound?Road Runner
Found mostly around the Indian Ocean, what traditional Arab sailing vessel had lateen sails?Dhow
The Flying Scotsman ran from King's Cross in London to what cit at the other end?Edinburgh
What company was found to have calculated that it was cheaper to lose lawsuits than to fix the Pinto's fuel tank?Ford
What monster did Robert Chandler name his souped-up Ford for, making it the first monster truck?Bigfoot
On an airplane, what is the fuselage?The main body
What small, fast ship shares its name with a light, horse-drawn sleigh?Cutter
What made its debut on August 19, 1942 during WWII?Nordan Bombsight
What country has the world's shortest national railway system, consisting of just two 3000m sets of track?Vatican City
Launched in 1974, the VW Golf reached the US under what adorable name?Rabbit
What synonym for soft is also name of a naval ship that provides logistical support to other ships?Tender
What Heep Wrangler models was named for a famous trail, not a decisive Roman River?Po
What was the nickname of an American long-range bomber called the B-29?Superfortress
The age of the railway began in which year with the introduction of the Liverpool-Manchester line?1830
Known as Cavallino Rampante in Italian, by what name is Ferrari's logo known in English?Pranching Horse
Amelia Earhart vanished while on her way to Howland Island in what ocean?Pacific


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