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TV Stars Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which actress plays the title role on "Nikita" on the CW?Maggie Q
Which star of the series "Dawson's Creek" played Marilyn Monroe?Michelle Williams
Which popular singer has hosted The Espys, The Video Music Awards and Saturday Night Live?Justin Timberlake
Which talk show host has a son named Harry?Dave Letterman
Which star of "Prison Break" also starred on "The Walking Dead"?Sarah Wayne Callies
Which SNL alum played the young Lucille Bluth on "Arrested Development"?Kristin Wiig
Which reality show judge was born in New Zealand?Keith Urban
Which star of the film "Brokeback Mountain" was in the cast of "Dawson's Creek"?Michelle Williams
"True Blood's" Ryan Kwanten was born in which country?Australia
Which talk show host starred in the film "Mr. Wrong"?Ellen Degeneres
Which star of "The Vampire Diaries" was in the cast of "Lost"?Ian Somerhalder
Which actor from the new "Star Trek" films stars on "American Horror Story: Asylum"?Zachary Quinto
What is Conan O' Brien's middle name?Christopher
Which cast member of "Glee" was born in South Korea?Jenna Ushkowitz
Which Australian actor starred on "The Guardian" and "The Mentalist"?Simon Baker
Jeff Bridges is the brother of which star of "The Millers"?Beau Bridges
"Mom's" Anna Faris was born in which city?Baltimore, MD
Which cast member of "The Brady Bunch" was in the TV movie "Sharknado"?Robbie Rist
Which star of the sitcom "3rd Rock from the Sun" is in the cast of "Mom" on CBS?French Stewart
Which cast member on "Two and a Half Men" was married to Demi Moore?Aston Kutcher
Martha Plimpton plays Virginia on which Fox series?Raising Hope
Which star of "iCarly" was also in the film "School of Rock"?Miranda Cosgrove
Which star of "American Horror Story" stars on "Hostages" on CBS?Dylan McDermot
Seth Green played a young woody Allen in which film?Radio Days
Which cast member of "Firefly" is on "Suburgatory" on ABC?Alan Tudyk
Dan Harmom had in an infamous war of words with which "Community" cast member?Chevy Chase
Oscar nominee Greg Kinnear hosted which talk show?Later
Blake Lively married which actor?Ryan Reynolds
Which reality show judge had a recurring role on "How I Met Your Mother"?Britney Spears
Portia De Rossi was born in which country?Australia
Which SNL alum starred on "Rules of Engagement" on CBS?David Spade
Which talk show host is married to Liza Powel?Conan O' Brien
Which SNL alum played Buddy in "Elf"?Will Ferrell
Which star of "That 70's Show" stars on "Orange is the New Black" on Netflix?Laura Prepon
Heather Morris plays Brittany on which Fox Show?Glee
Which star of "The X Files" is in the cast of "Crisis" on NBC?Gillian Anderson
Which celebrity uses the twitter handle AplusK?Ashton Kutcher
Which star of "Dancing with the Stars" was born in Honolulu, Hawaii?Carrie Ann Inaba
Which actress plays Rachel Berry on "Glee"?Lea Michelle
Which cast member of Ray Donovan was also in the cast of "Star Trek: The Next Generation"?Denise Crosby
Which "Mad Men" star played the President's daughter on "The West Wing"?Elizabeth Moss

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