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Twilight Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who wins an arm-wrestling match with Emmett in "Breaking Dawn"?Bella
How does Renesmee communicate when she's an infant?Telepathy
Who was the first vampire to create a newborn army?Benito
What type of car does Alice steal in Italy to save Edward near the end of "New Moon"?A Porsche
What is the most unforgivable sin in the vampire world?Creating immortal children
What is Edward's adoptive mother called in the Twilight series?Esme
What is the name of Emmett Cullen's wife in the Twilight series?Rosalie
Whose future can Alice NOT see in "New Moon"?The wolves'
From whom does Charlie purchase Bella's vintage Chevy truck?Billy Black
Which car in the Twilight Saga is fictional, not actually existing in the real world?Bell'a Mercedes Guardian
Which of the Cullens has never tasted human blood?Rosalie
What objects remind Bella of the struggle between Edward and Jacob in "Eclipse"?Magnets
What color is the smoke rolling off of the vampire bodies in "Eclipse"?Purple
Who is the only person whose body feels warm to Jacob?Renesmee
Which member of the Amazon coven stays with Alice, rather than coming to Forks in "Breaking Dawn"?Kachiri
In the Twilight series, Edward was born in which city?Chicago
What is Edward Cullen in the Twilight series?A Vampire
Which human has a crush on Bella in the Twilight series?Mike Newton
Which nomad finds himself attracted to Kate of the Denali coven?Garrett
What does Edward believe that vampires are lacking?A soul

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