Twin Peaks

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Twin Peaks Trivia QuestionAnswer
When a board hit Andy in the face, what clue was mistakenly discovered?New boots and cocaine
Agent cooper asked Sheriff Truman to select his best Bookhouse Boy. Who did he choose?Himself
What drug did Agent Cooper find when he visited Dead Dog Farm?Cocaine
Who was at the next booth at the Double R Diner when James, Donna, and Maddy first met?Hank Jennings
What drink did Annie order at the Great Northern?Rum and Tonic
An autopsy revealed that at her death. Josie Packard's body only weighed how many pounds?65
What weapon did Leo use on Shelly and Bobby when he woke up from his coma?An axe
What song was Maddy listening to right before she told Sarah and Leland that she was leaving?What a Wonderful World
How long did Laura Palmer see Dr. Jacoby as a patient?6 months
Who acted as Benjamin Horne's lawyer when we was charged with Laura Palmer's murder?Jerry Horne
Whose truck did Windom Earle (disguised as the Log Lady) steal?Pete Martell's
Who did Agent Cooper say had a "renaissance passion for exploration"?Major Briggs
What kind of mask did Audrey wear to hide herself from her father at One-Eyed Jacks?A cat
What did Bobby and Shelly put in Leo's mouth during his "welcome home party"?A kazoo
What phrase did Andy say in French - the same phrase that was on Harold Smith's suicide note?I am a lonely soul
At breakfast, Albert Rosenfield told Agent Cooper that which of his former partners escaped from a mental institution?Windom Earle
In Major Briggs' vision, what was at the door of his house?His son
What occupation did Leland Palmer have?Attorney
On what date did Twin Peaks first air?April 8, 1990
Who delivered the tape of Audrey Horne to her father?Jean Renault
While on the fllor of the Great Northern after being shot, which famous case did Agent Copper wish he could solve?The Lindbergh kidnapping
Who threw the knife into the back of the security guard at One-Eyed Jacks?Deputy Hawk
What did Annie tell Sheriff Truman the cure for a hangover was?Teetotalling and prayer
Who did Agent Cooper give his ring to?The Giant
How did Miss Jones try to kill Sheriff Truman?A wire
What song did Big Ed sing to Nadine when she was in a coma?On Top of Old Smokey
Who informed Leland that Benjamin Horne had been arrested for Laura's murder?Sheriff Truman
How long did Benjamin Horne tell Audrey that he had owned One-Eyed Jacks?5 Years

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