Two and a Half Men

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Two and a Half Men Trivia QuestionAnswer
Jake gave Charlie a can of what as a Christmas present?Fart
In season 8, what TV program do Alan and Charlie watch together?Glee
How old was Jake when the show started?10
In which season did Judith and Herb get married?Season 4
What is Herb Melnick's profession?Pediatrician
Who does Kandi move in with at the end of the season 3 episode "Golly Moses She's a Muffin"?Judith
Who hosts a party in Charlie's house in the season 2 episode "Smell the umbrella Stand"?Berta
Who comes to see Charlie in the season 9 episode "People Who Love Peepholes"?Penelope
What did Rose name all of her 5 ferrets?Charlie
In the season 6 episode "Damn You Eggs Benedict", what does Jake buy with his father's bribe money?Alcohol
In season 9, Jake decides to emulate Walden by doing what?Dropping out of school
What is Jake's middle name?David
What happens to the valuable vase in the season 9 episode "A Fishbowl Full of Glass Eyes"?Alan drops it
What did Evelyn make Charlie, Alan and Jake dress up for a Halloween party?Flying monkeys
Who cooked chocolate chip cookies with walnuts and Demerol?Lenore
What is the surname of Walden's ex-business partner Billy?Stanhope
What is the name of Chelsea's mother?Martha
Who wants to invest in Alan's business in the season 8 episode "That Darn Priest"?Rose
What is the name of Frankie's daughter?Joanie
What is the name of Bridget's doppelganger?Dandy
What is the name of Zoey's neighbor whom Walden meets in the season 9 episode "Not in my Mouth"?Jennifer
Who said: "A lot of great discoveries were accidents, like Thomas Edison and the telephone"?Jake
Who takes a photo of Charlie with the dead cat to use as blackmail in season 7Jake
Which body part does Dorothy say Alan has finally grown into?Ears
What happens to Alan whilst he's spying on Lyndsey and Charlie at her house warming party?Sprayed by a skunk
What is the name of Stacy's grandmother, who becomes romantically involved with Walden?Linda
What was the name of Jake's soccer coach whom Judith dated during season one?Phil

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