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U2 Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which U2 song contains the lyric, "How can I hurt when I'm holding you"A Man And A Woman
The song ’With or Without You' was first released on which album?The Joshua Tree
The U2 song "BAD" was written about what?Heroin Abuse
U2 has this CD in their discography?Boy
The Grammy winning music video for ‘Where the Streets Have no Name" was filmed in '87 on the roof of s building an which city?Los Angeles
U2 covered which Patti Smith classic song featured on the "Threesome" movie soundtrack?Dancing Barefoot
Which of these U2 songs was inspired by William Golding's book "Lord Of The Flies"?Shadows And Tall Trees
On which song from the Frank Sinatra album "Duets" does Bono make a guest appearance?I've Go You Under My Skin
Which member of U2 had a bleach blonde afro?Adam Clayton
Who is the little boy on the Covers of "War", "The Best of 1980-90", and the Original Sleeve of "Boy"?Lived Across from the Edge
Where does the video for "Mysterious Ways" take place?Morocco
The movie "Reality Bites" features which touching U2 song?All I want is You
Which POD. song was originally written and performed by U2 and is a staple at their live shows?Bullet The Blue Sky
Which member of U2 appeared with Sinead O'Connor on the "Captive" soundtrack an 1992?The Edge
U2's "Achtung Baby" was recorded in which two cities?Berlin/Dublin
Who at CBS gave U2 studio time to record their demo?Jackie Hayden
U2 had which of these hit singles in 1992?One
The same person as featured on the album covers for the UK releases of "Boy" and "War", Who is it?Peter Rowen
Which song was the first major chart hit for U2?I will follow
What is Bono's real name?Paul Hewson
Which of these awards did Bono win?Time Peron of the Year
U2 had which hit single in 1987?I still Haven't Found...
What U2 song was promoted by Isand Records with chocolate bars packaged to look like the single's artwork?Sweetest Thing
What U2 album's music and lyrics were stolen, forcing the creation of new songs?October
In U2's "Walk To The Water" what follows: "He said he was an artist, but. . ."?He really painted billboards
U2's 2004 "Vertigo" was used in commercials for what product?The Ipod
Where did the title for U2's 4th album "The Unforgettable Fire" come from?A Chicago Peace Museum exhibit
Which U2 song contains the lyric, "Our love it shines like rain"Spanish Eyes

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