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Despite having won re-election in 1916 because "he kept us out of war," who nonetheless plunged the US into WWI?Woodrow Wilson
What president's lifespan included the administrations oft eh first 16 presidents?James Buchanan
You might say we have a kakistocracy now. Who rules if you have a kakistocracy?The worst people
In 1856, what future Confederate leader said that "slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil"?Robert E Lee
Abraham Lincoln served as President of the USA during which years?1861-1865
His mother made him wear dresses until he was 5, but she was also the first woman who voted for her son. Who was this boy?Franklin Roosevelt
Margaret Bourke-White is best known for what?Photo-Journalist And Author
Which old soldier finally faded away for good in Washington, DC, on April 5, 1964?Douglas MacArthur
After losing the "Toledo Wars" in the 1830s, what territory got an upper peninsula from Wisconsin and statehood besides?Michigan
Father Damien ministered to lepers on which Hawaiian Island?Molokai
Which island is Peter Minuit famous for buying for only 60 guilders, albeit from a Brooklyn tribe called the Canarsee?Manhattan
Which man wrote the Monroe Doctrine?John Quincy Adams
The Brown v Board of Education National Historical Site is actually Monroe Elementary School, and is found in what city?Topeka
Before politics, Condoleezza Rice was promising student of what instrument?Piano
Had this president resigned after his stroke in Kansas, we'd read about President Thomas Marshall. Who soldiered on anyway?Woodrow Wilson
Who seized the U.S.S. Pueblo and held Americans captive for 11 months?North Korea
Harry Truman was killed by a volcano when he refused to evacuate his cabin. No, not THAT Harry Truman. What was the volcano?Mount Saint Helens
What president was elected by just 30.5% of the people who went to the polls, the lowest winning percentage ever?John Quincy Adams
In a 1998 New Yorker essay, Toni Morrison called whom American's "first black president"?Bill Clinton
In what country did American troops led by William Henry Harrison fight the Battle of the Thames?Canada
Despite being knocked for his intelligence, George W Bush was the first president to hold what degree?MBA


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  1. You have a question that asked who the man that wrote the Monroe doctrine was, and the answer says John Quincy Adams. That is wrong James Monroe wrote the Monroe Doctrine. You are very welcome and thank you for the help in QuizUp.

    • Hello thank you for the note, please note that this database is based solely on the game. If you have seen the entry inside the game with the correct entry, please verify and we will update it. Thank you!

  2. Actually, Quiz-Up has it right. John Quincy Adams was Monroe’s Secretary of State and was concerned with what was happening with Spain in the Western Hemisphere. Adams wrote the policy but it was issued under Monroe.

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