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US President Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who was the first president to be born outside one of the original 13 states?Abraham Lincoln
Who patented a floating drydock in 1849?Abraham Lincoln
How many electoral votes did Reagan get when he ran against Jimmy Carter?489
Which future president did John F. Kennedy defeat in 1960?Richard Nixon
Which president had two assassination attempts?Gerald Ford
Which president had a gang named after him on "Seinfeld"?Martin Van Buren
Who was born in 1809 and is known as "Great Emancipator"?Abraham Lincoln
What president had the nickname Old Fox?George Washington
Who served as Ronald Reagan's best man at his wedding to Nancy Davis?William Holden
What party held the presidency with Warren G. Harding?Republican
In what decade was President William McKinley born?1840s
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?Thomas Jefferson
How long did Abraham Lincoln live after he was shot?A little over nine hours
Which president also served in the Confederate congress?John Tyler
Who was the first Independent President?George Washington
In what city was John F. Kennedy assassinated?Dallas
Immediately before being president, what was the job of Warren G. Harding?US Senator
To what California town did Richard Nixon retire?San Clemente
Which elected president had the longest inaugural speech, 8444 words?William Henry Harrison
Which president was shot on Good Friday?Abraham Lincoln
What did George W. Bush list as his favorite movie when he took office in 2001?Field of Dreams
What number on Pennsylvania Avenue would you find the white house?1600
In what decade was President Andrew Jackson born?1760s
Who was vice president under Chester A. Arthur?No one
Which elected president had the shortest inaugural speech, 135 words?George Washington
George H.W. Bush married Barbara Pierce in January of what year?1945
Who was the first president sworn in by a woman?Lyndon B. Johnson
In what decade was President James Madison born?1750s

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