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US Sport Teams Trivia QuestionAnswer
The Sleep Train Arena is home to which Basketball team?Sacramento Kings
Which city is home to the NFL team known as The Nengals?Cincinnati
The Orioles are an MLB team located in which city?Baltimore
The Rockingham race track is a NASCAR venue in which US state?North Carolina
The Bankers Life Fieldhouse is an arena used for what sport?Basketball
Minute Maid Park is the home of which MLB team?Houston Astros
The Vikings compete in the NFL representing which city?Minneapolis
What is the name of the location in which the Miami Masters Tennis event is held?Crandon Park
The location of the NHL team The Devils is ...?New Jersey
In terms of NCAA, where are the Zips located?Akron
Which city is the location of the MLB team known as The Braves?Atlanta
In terms of location, where was the 2008 Superbowl held...?Phoenix
The TD Garden is home to which NHL Team?Boston Bruins
Where is home to the Whitecaps MLS team?Vancouver
Where would you find the MLB team known as the Mariners playing home games?Seattle
The Bridgestone Arena is home to which NHL Team?Nashville Predators
In which city is the MLB team known as The White Sox located?Chicago
Which NHL team is called The Sharks?San Jose
The Raptors are a Basketball team located in which city?Toronto
In which state would you find the famous sports teams the Astros and the Cowboys?Texas
The location of the 1980 Olympics was...?USSR
The Rogers Arena is home to which NHL team?Vancouver Canucks
Michigan Stadium has a capacity of ...?109000
The Padres are an MLB team located in which city?San Diego
What is the name of the basketball team in Sacramento?Kings
The Razorbacks are the NCAA team from which University?Arkansas
Sanford Stadium is the largest stadium in which US State?Georgia
PNC Park is home to which MLB team?Pittsburgh Pirates
Which location hosted the 1994 Soccer World Cup?USA
Oakland Hills Country Club is a famous golf course in which US State?Michigan
What is the nickname of the New England based MLS team?Revolution
Progressive Field is the home of which MLB Team?Cleveland Indians
The 1932 Olympic Games were located in which city?Los Angeles
Within the NHL, where is the home location of The Brusins?Boston


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