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Walking Dead Trivia QuestionAnswer
When Shen realizes he might not make it back in time with supplies for Carl's surgery, he does what?Sacrifices Otis
The Governor forces Merle to square off in a fight against who?Daryl
How was the Governor's wife killed?Car accident
When he learns of T-Dogs death, who says: "Well, I hope he went slow"?Merle
Which actor plays the role of Rick Grimes?Andrew Lincoln
In which season three episode does survivor and leader of the prisoners Thomas first appear?Seed
How many members of staff are left at the CDC when the group arrive there?1
Which Walking Dead episode features prisoners Tomas and Big Tony for the last time?Sick
Which actor plays the role of Shane Walsh?Jon Bernthal
Who does Andrew accidentally shoot, thinking it's a walker?Daryl
In which season 3 episode does Michonne leave Woodbury?Say the Word
Who is responsible for killing prisoner survivor Thomas with a blow to the head with a machete?Rick
What is the character name of Emily Kinney?Beth Greene
What is the character name of Andrew Lincoln?Rick Grimes
Dale begins to worry when he notices that T-dog is getting worse, why?He has a fever
Which Walking Dead character uses a Horton Scout HD 125 Crossbow?Daryl
Speaking about the Governor, what does Hershel suggest?They leave the prison
Who dies while trying to rescue Glenn and Maggie from Woodbury?Oscar
Rick and Daryl decide to bring Randall where and leave him?Senoia
While on the road after escaping the CDC, the groups finds themselves blocked by what?Overturned big rig
Where did the lead character Rick Grimes wake up during the apocalypse?Hospital
Prisoners Thomas, Andrew, Big Tiny and Axel were locked in which part of the prison by a prison guard?Cafeteria
Who does Merle accidentally shoot while he has the Governor in his cross-hairs?Ben
How many episodes were in season 3 of the Walking Dead?Sixteen
In season one, Rick awoke from a coma in hospital, but what happened to put him in hospital?He was shot
When the group arrives at the CDC they discover only one person remaines at the facility. Who?Dr. Jenner
What does the Governor do after Milton refuses to murder Andrea?Stabs him
What does Daryl say when he's asked what Carol will think about him leaving the group?She'll understand
When Sophia emerges from Hershel's barn as a walker, which member of the survivors shoots her?Rick
The placard in Dales RV reads: How about a nice glass of… what?Shut the hell up
Shane thinks that they should kill Randall after he reveals what to them?He went school with Maggie
What is the name of the officer shot by Rick outside the police station?Leon Bassett

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