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In a 2011 viral video, what is baby Emerson's mom doing that he finds b turns scary and hilarious?Blowing her nose
A black-and-white kitty named Attila the Hun became a viral video hit when he mimicked human gestures. What was he called?Surprised Kitty
If you're Iming on QQ about Shenzhen's hottest nightclubs, you're probably on what country's version of AIM?China
In what country did a former English teacher named Jack Ma found an ecommerce juggernaut calledalibababa.comChina
In 2010, Google Street View reached what streetless place, starting with a view of the penguins on Half Moon Island?Antarctica
A series of web films called "Yackt Rock" were a parody of what genre?70s soft rock
What movie was not only mashed with many other films, but also produced a image meme called Strutting Leo?Inception
Described as "the world's first virtual newscaster," what green-haired character gave her first webcast on April 19, 2000?Ananova
What search engine would tilt its results page a bit to the right if you looked up "tilt" or "askew" in Webkit-based browser?Google
In 2010, who surpassed Barack Obama in 2019 to become the first living person with 10 million Facebook fans?Lady Gaga
Who released the 2011 viral video 'Friday'?Rebecca Black
What web comic created havoc on Wikipedia by claiming it had an article on the fake word "malamanteau"?xkcd
An internet meme started on LiveJournal links actor Christian Bale and...Kermit the Frog
If you're bidding for wine and cheese on LeBonCoin, you'd be using what country's version of ebay?France
On Joss Whedon's web series "Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," who played aspiring supervillain Dr Horrible?Neal Patrick Harris
Who created the 2004 viral 'This Land' video featuring George W. Bush and John Kerry?JibJab
Inspired by an episode of The Simpsons, what did British artist Gareth Malham sell to an Oklahoma man for $16.95?His soul
Ailuropoda melanoleuca is startled in a YouTube clip when its offspring sneezes. What is the clip called?Sneezing Panda
A 2011 viral video featured what Muppet, edited to sing along with Tom Waits' "God's Away On Business"?Cookie Monster
Skype opened its first Skype phone booth in what country, where Skype itself had been founded eight years earlier?Estonia
A company selling live lobsters was the first to buy ad space on what company's AdWords service?Google
Rupert Murdoch acquired what web site, which had become the most visited US web site in 2006?MySpace
What website sponsored production of a belated final season of Arrested Development?Netflix
An Indonesian 2-yr-old, Ardi Rizal, became a web sensation for a viral video depicting him doing what?Smoking cigarettes
Terra Naomi's video for "Say It's Possible" compiled footage from amateurs around the world, compiled from what web site?YouTube
What does .02 mean in texting or online slang?Just my opinion
Tardar Sauce is a cat dwarf with an underbite, famous as an Internet sensation under what name?Grumpy Cat
A 1998 videogame called "Blazing Star" is thought to have popularized what word as a web meme?Fail

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