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Whitney Houston Trivia QuestionAnswer
What was the name of the reality show that Whitney Houston appeared on with her husband on 2005?Being Bobby Brown
How many shows an total did Whitney Houston perform on her 2009 "Nothing but Love World Tour"?50
During what month in 2007 did Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown divorce?April
In 1989, Whitney Houston founded "The Whitney Houston Foundation" to benefit who?Children
In 1995 Whitney Houston appeared in what movie as Savannah Jackson?Waiting to Exhale
In what month during 2013 did Whitney Houston's mother, Cissy Houston, release her memoir about her daughter?January
On what date in 2012 was Whitney Houston found dead at me Beverly Hilton Hotel, California?February 11th
What sang did Whitney Houston perform at the Super Bowl XXV at Tampa Stadium in January 1991?The Star Spangled Banner
ln April 2010, UK newspaper The Daily Mirror reported that Whitney Houston wanted to work with which of these artists?Will.i.am
Whitney Houston's voice was classified as what?Mezzo-soprano
According to Forbes magazine Whitney Houston was amongst the top how many highest earners in 1987-88?20
What was the last track to be released from the "Walking to Exhale" soundtrack album featuring Whitney Houston?Why does it Hurt So Bad?
At what age did Whitney Houston become a junior soloist with the New Hope Baptist Church?11 years old
Whitney Houston’s "staff" and the people she had around to protect her were all what?Family
At what venue in London, UK, did Whitney Houston perform in June 1988 an aid of Nelson Mandela?Wembley Stadium
Who released the book titled "The Whitney I Knew" in July 2012?Bebe Winans
As a child, what did Whitney Houston first want to do as a career?Be a teacher
What publication sand of Whitney Houston's album "My Love is my Love" that she was singing "with a bite in her voce"?Rolling Stone
Which one of these producers didn't work with Whitney Houston on her album "I’m Your baby Tonight"?Jermaine Jackson
Who sung a tribute to Whitney Houston at the pre-Grammy party she was due to sing at in 2012?Tony Bennett
For which song did Whitney Houston win a Grammy Award in 1986 for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance?Saving All My Love for You
Can you name Whitney Houston's mother?Cissy Houston
"We both know I'm not what you need" is a line from which Whitney Houston classic?I Will Always Love You
On what American TV show did Whitney Houston make her television debut in 1983?The Merv Griffin Show
With which US President did Whitney Houston have a private audience with at the Oval Office in 1990?George H.W. Bush
What role did Whitney Houston play in NBC’s "Silver Spoons" in 1985?Herself
What was the name of Whitney Houston's second studio album?Whitney
What remarkable event happened to Whitney Houston during her performance on the UK X Factor in 2009?The strap on her dress broke

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